Nov 26, 2009

Five things to be grateful that define: Me.

Tomorrow, besides eating yourself silly and packing on those complex carbs, watching the Macy's Parade and all the other crap that Thanksgiving comes with, you get to be grateful for the things that you have. As you all know, this blog is about advertising, crap, rants, being angry at whatever, useless information and most of all, sometimes it's extremely personal. So, let's join in the turkey fun and list the five most important things to be grateful for.

In absolutely no particular order - you just can't assign numbers to things that make you happy, here are my list of the five things (and I will have more but I will stick to my plan) that make me say thank you buddha. Or Jesus. Or... whatever. Enjoy.

1) I am extremely happy and in love.
I have never, ever felt this kind of joy and I am actually looking forward to my life, the new house and the future baby. The thing about being older and having lived all the crap that I've been through, I now know exactly how to achieve happiness without drama or complications. I strongly believe we were meant to have this life, now.

2) Mom is very healthy and happy.
She is still my joy and seeing her totally recovered from her accident from last year makes me still smile. Oh and by the way, she is so excited about me becoming a mommy... :-)

3) I have the most amazing friends.
There are people you know. There are people you go to a bar and maybe watch a football game. I have many of those. But I have a few that I actually care about. Good friends you can count with one hand. You know who you are, guys. So, to you, I say this: thank you for listening to me yap about crap. Thank you for answering those annoying calls of mine at 5:25 pm when you are almost leaving work and I'm just talking away. Thank you for supporting me when I was sad, when I was angry, when I was confused. Thank you for all the logos that I didn't have to trace. Thank you for all the copy related questions answered. Thank you for having a drink with me and letting me grab the bill. Thank you for sending me cool shit to read. Thank you for calling me up the day we decided to have a baby and all your best wishes. And most of all, thank you for being there. Love you.

4) My business is going strong.
Can you believe that we've been working non stop even with this crap economy? Knock on wood, we are doing great. And it's all a mix of working hard, being humble, listening to your friends and trying your best.

5) You. Yeah, you, our readers.
I started this blog one boring Saturday five years ago and with the help of two amazing friends and talented writers, it has become a second home. We all know, deep in our hearts, that it's you guys, our readers, that make us keep wanting to write, look for interesting crap to post... even when we're all tired of doing what we do all day, write. (Oh, after all these years, maybe I've never mentioned we're all copywriters.) Yeah, we write all day and come home at night, wanting to write or post anything for you guys. Visiting us and reading, leaving comments is the best thing for us three angry writers. Really, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for clicking your way here. Writing for all of you is truly one of the best parts of my days.

Have a Truly Happy Thanksgiving, boys and girls. Stay tuned. As always, more to come. Much love. Me.


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