Feb 8, 2010

We need you to find us a new friend.

Guys and gals out there... We need help! Yes, it's that time again when I whore up and literally beg you to share our blog with your peeps. We need clicks! More clicks! Loads of clicks! Come on, help us climb the ladder of the Ad Age Blog 150! They are kicking our butts down there! See that number in the red badge? We need to push it to be lower! New Years Resolution, get that number at least to 200 something. We need to get whoring, people! I will love you long time and give you happy ending if you bring friend! Me love you all night long!

All we need is one friend that receives our URL with something interesting and we got them. Just one! Come on, we're nice, we post shit most people like... we just need more people to learn our little spot in internet heaven and bingo.

We're still not expecting to become Julie&Julia famous... but at least get decent numbers so maybe we can get enough advertising dough to pay for the WAS book!

We accept all major share transactions. You can share our URL by email, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, graffiti, tattoo, connect via Google Readers or suscribe to our RSS feed... anything is ok with us! You can either copy our URL at the top or share any particular post (look for the share button).

Also, if you have a blog and would like to include us in your links, by all means. We can return the favor! Just send us your links either in the comment box to this post or write us at adssuck@gmail.com.

So! Just think of one friend and send us their way. Hey, if you have two or more, go ahead. We do threesomes, foursomes... anything you want. Anything!

Much love. Me.

PS: Internet/Tech guys out there (Hi Bert!) - any ideas on how to get this blog noticed a little bit more? Already tried Google Adwords. Sucked. Need input...


Andrea V. Lewis said...

Hey, at least you made it. I got REJECTED from AdAge's Power 150. Despite, my bitterness, I like what you have to say and I'll spread the word to my Twitter friends. Tweet, tweet!

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