Aug 6, 2010

Sometimes you just need a beer

There are so many scenarios in our lives when you just need a break, that it's no wonder there are so many people who practice substance abuse.

It's 8:00 PM on a weekday. You look at your email. There's a message received on 7:56 PM.... it's another revision... you need a beer.

It's Friday and you see your Creative Director twitchy after a meeting with the head of client services. It's gonna be a long weekend. you need a beer.

You've just finished an artwork. It's the last job of the day and it was the worst since you had been in a block and didn't know how to deal with it. Suddenly your back up battery dies.... you need a beer... or heroin.

Your significant other calls you for the 8th time. The dinner is cold, their tone is not pleasant and words are not spoken as your side of the bed is cold yet again... you hope. you need need a beer.

The only time you see the sunset is through the bathroom window... you need a beer.

You see your inbox and all the emails are for sex pill offers, parties you're never going to and other agencies saying that you're an excellent candidate but they're not currently hiring. you need a beer.

The scenarios are endless. But the desire are often similar enough. You want something to numb the pain... something to make things more bearable. You can use a beer, pot, xanax, sex, comfort food or oxycontin... the point is that you wish upon an external agent, because what you have inside doesn't fill you up. You are not satisfied and you need every resource to justify you staying in a job you don't like... You find yourself reading and writing about things to see if other people relate and you're surprised to find more than just a few people as company... It's a nation of apathy and we are its embarassed citizens.

Here's to having a beer in celebration rather than frustration... just like I did last night.

Cheers friends.


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