Sep 27, 2010

The Social Network Dirty Laundry: lessons I've learned while reading my news feed.

The glorious thing about very temperamental and emotionally retarded people is very simple: mix them with any Social Network tool and you will get soap opera deluxe. Don't know what I mean? By all means, let me explain myself. I'm talking about the douche who is so pissed off that he or she will literally post whatever grievance they have with their current company/boss/client on their status/twit/whatever.

"I cannot delegate for shit, since everytime I try someone shits all over things".

"If I wanted to do things right, I'd do them myself".

Yada, fucking yada, yada. Yeah. We get it, you're pissed beyond belief. But hello there, over-sharing dude or dudette, have you learned about shutting up and dealing with the shit yourself instead of publishing your emotions for all the world?

Get a blog. Do an anonymous twitterthon of your anger. Just be a little bit professional and don't shit where you eat. Your job might suck beyond your local toothless prostitute, but you know what? You're there, you get a paycheck. Fuck man, you're lucky you even HAVE a job. Most people I know are struggling trying to find anything that will pay the rent and you are Facebooking/Twittering your shit WITH YOUR ACTUAL NAME?

Don't like your job/CEO/Clients/Accounts/paycheck? By all means, do something about it. Just for the love of God, stop with the social whining, ok? I've seen people rip their jobs a new one on a daily basis and all I think is... how unprofessional! It's like those people who have NO problem sharing their problems with the next available ear. Really!

People talk! You say potato, I say what you said, get the client you just blabbered shit about and bingo, I have a new account and you have squat.

Besides. It's so... annoying. If you need to vent, do like we did. Get a blog.


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