Nov 22, 2010

Thank you Jesus: "Best Worst Movie" RULES.

I never even saw the trailer of this movie. I wanted to see it because it came highly recommended while watching Totally Rad Show (when it was a cool podcast. Dammit.) and thought, well I gotta give it a try.

Dammit, this documentary is one awesome, funny as hell and extremely disturbing film! I LOVED IT!

Best Worst Movie is about Troll 2, which has earned the well deserved title of... yes, the worst movie ever made. But the thing is, contrary to a really bad movie like, for example the horrific shit film "Skyline"; Troll 2 is very bad in a very good way.

It has gotten cult film following, Rocky Horror Picture Show quality if you know what I mean. A B-movie that is bad but you enjoy it anyway. This documentary follows the cast, director and writer at the moment that they discover that this little movie that they were so ashamed of being part of it had suddenly become an icon for many sci-fi/horror fans.

If you go to comic conventions, if you love sci-fi and specially if you enjoy watching a bad movie (again, not Skyline), then this documentary is for you. This is one for the books, you have to Netflix it. I sure now am on my way to click "Troll 2" on my Netflix. Now.

PS: if you like conventional movies - Eat, Pray, Love or It's Complicated - then just move along. Nothing to see here.


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