Mar 28, 2011

Top 25 women you’d love to take home to mom - 21-25

25. Vanessa Carlton

There was a time where I would walk a thousand miles for that girl. Call it one of those illogical crushes you have on someone with minimal star power, but I always had a thing for her. Something about that girl next door non-threatening beauty about her and the fact that she looks like someone your own mom would try to hook you up with. So this would be a cake walk if you got to your mom’s home with your arm around her waist.

24. Christina Hendricks

Ok, I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at me for picking a real life Jessica Rabbit, but guess what; moms love it when their sons have beautiful girlfriends. It makes them feel like their little prince found a woman worthy enough to marry their child. Add to this that she is anything but anorexic and you know she’ll be a hit when they roll out the Thanksgiving feast. Plus, I can guarantee that your dad will do EVERYTHING in his power to convince your mom that this girl is the one, since living vicariously is what dads sometimes do best.

23. Christina Ricci

One of the more polarizing women on this list, men either love her or think she’s plain weird looking. Why on this list though? Simple, if your mom doesn’t like her the first time around, Ricci can have a makeover and look like a whole other person. Looks aside though, for some years she’s been a spokesperson for RAINN which is a network that assists survivors of Rape, Abuse and Incest, an admirable cause if there ever was one. Just make sure she wears something to cover all the tattoos on her body and you’ll be fine.

22. Paz Vega

As far as women go, Paz Vega has to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Period. So why this far down on the list? Well simple. This is a list of women you’d love to take to your mom, not your wettest of wet dreams, and if mom happens to realize that Paz was in Lucía y el Sexo playing the lead role, then it’ll be a hard sell. Lucky for you though, she was more recently seen in Spanglish and quite simply, she can play the sweetheart role just as well as the bombshell role.

21. Morgan Webb

Drop dead gorgeous and she can beat you at any video game. You can finally take a girl to your mom and tell her “Mom, she gets me”. The long hours of gaming, the dozens of titles finished and the 4 controllers broken out of frustration have been justified. I wonder if they have Bach’s sleeper’s wake played in 16 bit midi for the wedding. Hmm….


RestrictionsApply said...

Christina Hendricks... nothing wrong with a girl who doesn't shy away from her daily dose of rice and beans

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