Jun 23, 2011

Crazy is ageless… I think

What’s 67, older than you, younger than you and probably creeping you out a little? The marriage between Doug Hutchison and Courtney Alexis Stodden.

Though it may be fun to make judgment calls, I’m writing about this because like many people I saw the news article and was a little creeped out about it. But at having that reaction, I decided to ask myself why is it so creepy… though it’s fucking obvious… a 51 year old man marrying a 16 year old aspiring country singer ex-beauty queen is food for thought if you happen to have had too much to drink, need to vomit and the images of a naked grandma aren’t doing it for you. Add to this that she looks like she’s already had at least 4 plastic surgeries and I think there’s enough material here to begin writing at least 3 Lifetime movies. Oh did I mention that they had to go to Nevada AND get her parents’ consent? Yeah… not exactly normal.

But that’s just it, because we’re so grossed out we don’t even accept the possibility of real love existing between a middle aged character actor and a mall girl (no I didn’t leave out the S). He says she came at a difficult time during his life… disturbing sentence when taken out of context that’s for sure, but maybe it’s true. Maybe the love is genuine, the circumstances are true, and the commitment to marriage is real… or maybe it’s a publicity stunt. Maybe it’s the workings of a disturbed man who wants a legitimate run at pedophilia. Maybe both scenarios are true… or maybe we just care too much about other people’s lives instead of our own.

Yes friends, there is a point to this rant. Though some people might feel obligated to give a damn whether a 51 year old man’s marriage to a 16 year old girl is morally correct, I choose to sit this one out because it’s not my life and these people will face enough scrutiny and tabloid fire to last about seven lifetimes. So what’s my judgment call? Simple… to not judge and mind my own business. Does it, can it and will it creep me out? So what? If they don’t care, we really shouldn’t either.



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