Jun 3, 2011

The Deal with some people's "Social-Media Personas".

I've been noticing a sort of friend's social media persona for quite a while now, and it has been so deeply interesting and weird at the same time, I started talking it over with my dear pal RestrictionsApply one day... to find out he noticed this thing too.

Let me backtrack a bit so you can understand where I'm going.

We have a friend in common at all our social media networks. This friend... well, he has some deep problems, I guess. He's always complaining. He's always pissed off. He always boasts how he and only he can do the job better than anybody else and how important him being at the office really is for earth to keep on moving. I mean... I can go on an on. Basically, if you could sum up all his posts, tweets and status updates... it would read: life sucks.

Here comes the interesting part. If you met the guy, you would not think - at least right away - that he could be such a complainer. Yes, he has issues - but his social media persona is 200% augmented... for no particular reason.

At least, so I thought. But... what if I'm wrong?

I read somewhere during a hard core StumbleUpon clicking night that we all have social media personas. From the photos we chose to share, to the information we post, to the way we even write our tweets/statuses/random emails: we treat ourselves like a brand. Yup! We have an image to uphold. We have a brand identity we must protect - and sometimes, at least most of the time in my opinion - we do this totally unconsciously.

Or... do... we???? NO! Think about it!

Go back to your social website of choice. Go on, I'll wait.

* Filing my nails until you browse your feed *

Ok, welcome back. Now tell me instantly who you can bet will have a bad day this week. Who will go out to drink quite a bit? Who is the best mom in the whole wide world? Who is soooo sad it's not even funny? Now you're getting my drift.

While there are people out there who really want to share with their closest friends whatever they are doing - there are some people that follow a script, a guide, for one single reason: they need to get some sort of reassurance. They really need to feel noticed - and I believe that it's because they lack complete self esteem.

Take the "I have so much problems, I'm so sad" person. All of us have one of those at our websites. I'm so lonely... but I'll go out for a drink later. Oh wait, I'm having such a bad time at work! I've never felt so much sadness... or I could hit someone right now... and I'm off to Dunkin' Donuts! What does this translate to? Acknowledge me, care about me, I'm lacking so much self worth that by you reaching out to me I feel validated.

Let's try my "problem friend". "I cannot leave the office because shit always hit the fan." Work sucks. My feet hurt. What to do now, movies or going to sleep? I hate trusting people and getting screwed when I knew it was going to happen. Life sucks, then you die. I really need to give a rat's ass more often. What does this translate to? I am so scared of people achieving more than I can do, I will do whatever it takes to damage it so I'm the only one that shines. I am so unsure of myself, that I fear when others do better.

Hey. Take mine! My social persona is simple. I enjoy life. To. The. Max. And yes, I have no qualms about celebrating it. I go out, I travel, I drink, I go out to eat, I watch hundreds of films... And yep, I'll say it with joy. While I do struggle sometimes, the most that I focus my life on is on the little time we do have to smell, taste, live and enjoy the time I have on this planet. Do I get angry and shout it out? Yep I do sometimes. But if there is one thing I purposely DO NOT DO, ever, is let others see me sweat. I can have a bad day, a really sad day, and you will never know. Oh yeah, if I'm tired I'll let you know. If I'm frustrated with work? Never. If I'm having a bad time with someone? Prohibited. There are some things that I truly protect and only share with few people - and I'm amazed that I've never gone the "look at how miserable". I never air my relationship dirty laundry, nor my family or my client's. Why?

Why do you think THIS blog exists? WAS is where I write about what's bugging me, what scares me, what pisses the fuck out of me - with the pleasure that no one can pass me judgment because, hey - apart from the two lovely men that contribute from time to time - no one knows who I am. I'm more real here than any other place in the internet... with a great blanket of security wrapped around me.

So what's the point? Well, if we are now behaving like brands, then examine your copy and your design. Are you cool and make people want to have you... or is your campaign so full of crap no one really cares?

Food for thought. Much love, Me.


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