Jun 24, 2011

Floyd can duck fighters, but not the law

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know I’m a boxing fan… as in a serious boxing fan. You’ll also have realized by now that Floyd Mayweather is probably my least favorite boxer in the world but one of my favorite topics to write about. People say Floyd is the man, number one pound for pound and I’ve ALWAYS had a beef with staying quiet over said statements. Simply put, Floyd’s skills have not matched the level of his opposition on too many occasions. Shane Mosley last year was a case for his greatness, but given Shane’s dismal outings as of late, you can’t help but ask if Floyd waited for the right time to fight Shane… meaning when he WASN’T a threat to his undefeated streak. I’m not saying he hasn’t got skills, he has INSANE skills… but that’s just the point. Floyd is the Lebron of boxing regarding skill… arguably the most talented boxer on the planet, loves the media hoopla, but almost unwilling to reach the finals in the sense that though his fights are built up to be huge and he fights only big money fights, his legitimacy has ALWAYS been in question because of his selection of opponents.

Manny Pacquiao has always said he’ll fight anyone they put him up against. It doesn’t matter who, he’ll go into the ring and do his best. And his best is something to behold. Face it, if Pacquiao has ever been in a boring fight, it’s because his opponent doesn’t want to engage him… not vice versa. Floyd has always been known as a safety first fighter and though it leads to a great record and to a largely unblemished face, it also leads to boring fights… fights we know he’s going to win. You put him up against Sergio Martinez, Paul Williams, Antonio Margarito and other people his size or larger, and things don’t seem nearly as clear in regards to the result. By the way, I refer to Sergio Martinez now, Paul Williams before he got knocked out last year and Antonio Margarito before he was caught cheating, got destroyed by the once great Shane Mosley and got his ass handed to him by Manny Pacquiao.

So now Floyd’s going to face Victor Ortiz… and to be honest, it was never on my mind. Ortiz is a legitimate title holder, young, strong, can punch and fast. He’s also left handed, something that has actually been a factor against Floyd in the past (Zab Judah was no walk in the park and Floyd is thankful Judah just doesn’t have that much stamina). Unlike many other fights, it’s an interesting prospect because it represents something we haven’t seen Floyd face… a legitimate challenge.

Does this mean I think Ortiz has a chance in hell? Well if you’ve read any of my boxing posts, you know I don’t like Floyd, but that I think he’s insanely talented. You should also know better than to ever bet against Floyd... and yes even if it is against Pacquiao. I’d just like him to put his money where his fists are and this fight is a start.


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