Jul 18, 2011

Last night I went to Paris for a couple of hours: Midnight in Paris review.

Some people like sushi, some people don't. Some live for Tequila, some don't. Some of us love Woody Allen movies, some people... you get the point.

Until this movie came along.

Midnight in Paris is one of the most beautiful and amazing movies Woody Allen has made in a very long time. This one will go right up there with the perfects like Annie Hall or Crimes and Misdemeanors. Maybe it can trump them all! I think that this is THE movie that even a non Allen fan would love. Period.

Midnight is about a writer who's visiting Paris with his sort of difficult fiance. He's struggling on his novel and a lot other things and he's starting to find the city awesome and inspiring (he is right on the money, if you haven't gone to Paris, you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime). By accident he stumbles on a great... um... surprise, I guess. I don't want to keep going because the less you know about the movie, the better.

All I can tell you is that the acting, as always, is spot on. Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen (LOVE HIM!), Adrien Brody... the list goes on an on. It's an amazing cast. And they have one of the best and funny screenplays ever. Allen goes on a magical mystery tour, a light and romantic one that will make you laugh until the last second (no, it's not a "dumbed down" comedy). The movie explores the basic human feeling of feeling unsatisfied at everything you do (like this blog, for example) and everything you live and makes it fun for a couple of hours.

The neurotic side of him and his writing is as sharp as ever, as well as those now famous "people out of the shot" moments where the characters are talking about deep shit, just not there in the frame (God how I missed seeing those).

Ok if I'm not convincing you, I'll try to sell it to our target audience: if you are reading this right now, and if you are one of those lovely people who come and visit our website on almost a daily basis, you MUST be in some sort of creative field of work. You write, you paint, you draw, you design, you are involved with creative people, you are a boss, a creative director or just someone who loves to laugh... right? Then I can guarantee you will enjoy the movie. Oh and if you love to travel, bonus points because the cinematography is just awesome to see. I mean, he takes you EVERYWHERE in Paris. For a couple of hours you are going left and right in the city, enjoying it in the best season: spring. AAAHhhhh so beautiful. I think he did it as a love song for the city and maybe for all those long gone movies of his past. Who knows.

As a avid Woody Allen fan, he kind of lost me with extreme movies like Vicky Cristina Barcelona, or even Match Point. I can remember watching Deconstructing Harry and wondering what the hell happened to him, it was like he had gone on a dark path and well, I just said goodbye and thought that he had changed (divorce, age, marriage, etc). Midnight brought all those great moments back, it's like it's him again at his most brilliant.

Please don't miss this movie. If you want to smile and giggle, travel a couple of hours and thank someone above that you are not that neurotic, then go see Midnight in Paris. Don't judge t the movie with the trailer only, he edited it brilliantly so that you don't get that much information and really enjoy the ride. If only more directors would do that, right?

Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Allen. C'etait magnifique!


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