Aug 9, 2011

This is a Shitty Business… Literally!

Ad agencies are often seen as adult playgrounds. There aren’t many corporate environments that actually encourage toys in your cubicle, smoking pot in the bathroom, and fornication among employees at the office Christmas party. In fact, agencies are more like college frat houses. This brings me to the childlike behavior that characterizes many an office.

A very official company-wide email from Human Resources was sent this morning. The subject line was in all caps, which implied something of the utmost importance. Is the office shutting down? Did we lose another client? Will the world come to an end?

None of the above.

The issue: Shit on the bathroom wall. Let me repeat: Shit (as in human fecal matter/excrement) on the bathroom wall. The WOMEN’S bathroom wall.

Apparently, a disgruntled female employee walked into the bathroom, dropped a deuce, took a piece and put it up on the wall. Reports confirm that it was actual human shit carefully placed on the wall four feet from the floor. This and the fact that it wasn’t smeared ruled out the possibility that someone accidentally brushed their dirty ass on the wall while reaching for some toilet paper.

Of course, this set off a tide of giggles and snickering across the agency. Who did it? Why? What’s the intended message? How is it possible that a woman (well all know that women don’t shit or fart) would do something of the sort? The serious castigating tone of HR’s message made the situation all the more hilarious. I mean, here we are, a group of seriously over-educated and overpaid professionals, talking about the Issue of the Shit on the Girl’s Bathroom Wall. Of course, this is intended to be the topic of conversation for the next few months.

It just goes to show that 99.9% of the things we do and discuss in ad agencies is nothing but bull – ahem – I mean, girl shit.


Me said...

Still crying of laughter. This calls for a conference call!

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