Sep 8, 2011

Five Things I would tell myself if I could travel back in time when I was studying advertising.

Doc Brown, says the story, was the man who invented the most awesome Time Machine. In a very cool car named Delorean, the possibilities are endless. You could travel back and forward in time, to maybe meet your parents, meet Ghandi, talk an hour with Marlon Brando while filming Godfather... or maybe, just maybe, you could go back to when you were in college... and give yourself nice pointers on your future. You know what? For as much as I would love to tell Sinatra to sing me a tune or two - I would gladly go back to the nineties to tell myself some deep shit.

The following would be my 15 minute monologue to my younger self:

Hey Me. Listen, we don't have much time and I want it to really count. In this stage in your life, you think you know everything about anything. Well, apart from handling much better your alcohol and having a kick ass social life (which please don't change one bit, you're making it count, trust me) - I need to tell you some stuff so you can decide if you want to end up like Me-Me or maybe a different Me. And in grand tradition - it's something from the future you will develop in something called a blog, and it's awesome - I will tell you just five things you need to think about. Some words of advice, I guess. Ready?

1) You should really think a little bit more on changing your major to writing.
This is a no brainer. You know you really enjoy to write, so why are you settling on advertising? If writing really makes you happy, then why are you doing this when you know the longest body of work you will do is a full brochure? Why let that dream go away? You know what will happen? You will end up starting what will be called a blog because you will find yourself aching to write something else besides a 30 second spot. You will daydream of some great magazine calling you up after they read some of your posts and offering you a part time job - something that will never happen. You will wish you could write a book about your life in advertising, but you also know that will never happen. Why take the road you really don't want to go?

2) Don't take anything personal.
The good thing is that you've never done that in your life, so it's all good. Just never lose it. Advertising is tough and people are plain scumbags. It's up to you to see the truth in people and call it like you see it.

3) Take time for yourself.
Since I'm telling you at a particular moment when your body is giving out, this is the one most important things you need to know. Me, you are not curing cancer. I KNOW YOU KNOW. Stop talking. Listen. Yeah. I know you know that it might be just a job, but you need to take things more calmly. If people don't give a fuck about deadlines, then you really need to chill. If you are doing a great job and you are focusing on great delivery - and other people don't, then it's their shit to handle. Just tell the people you need to tell... Will you shup up and listen? No, it's not being a snitch. It's being responsible and making people do their job so you can do yours. And remember to take vacations, try to never miss a family party and just take some time to breathe.

4) Focus on great advertising, not prizes.
Let others enjoy being at Cannes. Trust me, the few prizes you will see will mean nothing to you. It's better to focus on your name. By making excellent work that actually gets results and sales, your clients will remember your name. Trust me, a metal shlong with your name will not make your clients remember your work. Treat them like Kings and Queens, deliver on time and with awesome quality. In time, you will see that I'm right.

5) Never stop painting or taking photos.
One day you will miss it terribly. Never lose that, keep at it, you are very good. And no, I'm not saying it like I'm your family. You really have some talent and besides... you really are at peace when you do it.

PS: You should start drinking Tequila. No, woman. It's not bad. It's REALLY GOOD. Trust me.

Much self-love, Me.


Lucila said...

I need to go back to 1994 and tell my teen self. ART is a great hobby, don't be afraid of math and go study Medicine... YOU HAVE IT IN YOU!

Mr. Answers said...

I would say to myself, "Either you will follow your passion and be poor, or you can make good money doing something that requires little personal insight." Like everyone else, I wish I had more money, but I don't think I could compromise on my principles -- and I'm glad for it. The ultimate would be doing a job that doesn't feel like a job because it's so personally satisfying ... but who really has a job like that?

Mariam said...

Me. start writing that book about the ad life. I promise you it'll be a goood hit!! do it do it!!!

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