Apr 26, 2012

If you can’t hurry with the information you owe, calm the hell down

Clients of all types can be a real pain in the ass. They demand quality, excellence, results, speed and accuracy yet they get off on the wrong foot by not offering the complete information from the getgo. If the commercial has legals, we need them along with the job order. If it’s an invitation, it’d be nice to know where the event is and who to RSVP with. Have a price to include in the model, let’s NOT leave it FPO.

The rush rush tendencies of clients really go against what they deliver on their front. Let’s put it this way, they ask for lightspeed advertising and reply at snail-mail speed. What the fuck?

Practice what you preach is a nice little ditty we’ve been hearing for ages… the only problem is that the people who quote this revered and spot on quote is that they rarely if ever put it to practice. 


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