Apr 25, 2012

Where’s Typo? by Handjo

Have you ever looked at a Where’s Waldo book? Odds are yes and to establish my point from the getgo, compare your efficiency finding that little red and white sweater striped, rimmed glasses wearing bastard from the first 3 pages to the tenth or eleventh page. That’s the same thing that happens with layouts.

After a while, your brain sees things correctly because it’s our nature to correct things on the fly, especially when we enter a trance mode and are revisiting old information. That’s why teeny revisions suck so bad, because in the end they can lead to a fuck up. Face it, how many times can you read the descriptive for some nauseating piece of fried something before you start speed reading to make sure you get the ad sent by the deadline?

Trust us, dear clients, your product is not as fascinating as you think. Your brand is about a twentieth of engaging as you think it is, and the satisfaction rate is less than half what your doctored numbers say.
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