Oct 25, 2012

5 Things I would need on a deserted Island: Me Edition

I'm going to do this without research or really thinking about it. Here we go.

1) The Steve Jobs Biography
Have it on paper and it's that book that I've beent talking about reading but never have the time. Also, since is huge, I never take it on my trips. Oh, digital form? Yes I do have it on my iPad. Never have read it on a plane because I have so many movies in there as well...

2) Knitting needles and yarn
I have to do something with my hands. The irony is that I would be making shit I don't need.

3) A typewriter and lots of paper.
Old school. I need something to make noise and calm my mind as well. And by the way. They did make them without the need for electricity, kids.

4) Hammock.
Hell no I'm not sleeping in the sand at night. Creepy crawlers!

5) A briefcase full of bikinis.
The beach is the single most amazing place to be at. So just make sure I'm well dressed for the occasion and let me be.

Bonus: If the Island has some sort of hatch, Lost style, all I need is my iPad. You can leave everything else.


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