Oct 1, 2012

The Spotlight is ON.

It's amazing how every day I find something weird about advertising. Today was a perfect example. This is a business of people who love the limelight, people who love the bullcrap, the microphones, the podiums, the spotlight... Because in advertising, it's not a moment unless you're telling others how much you rule, how simply amazing you are. If you don't get to show it, then you don't exist, you don't count... right?

There we are at a presentation of sorts. We see the client, some members of the press and the ad agency that did the campaign. Business suits galore. Awkward smiles, a lot of uncomfortable hugs, a little mingling here, a little bit of kissing ass there. It's one of those moments when you crave for some popcorn and soda, because you could watch this crap for hours. It's a dramedy that deserves a reality show. "This week, on Advertising People..." Ah, that show I would totally TiVo.

So! While we are there, we notice something very strange. All the team from the Ad agency is there. Bitch Account Director, present. Dude who is not supposed to be a Creative Director, but is, present. Media gals, present. Creative Team, missing. General Manager... um... yep, he's there as well. Oh wait. Who's that... um... is that... The CEO was there! What?

Man do I hate that. Let's just stand for the picture and then, boom. I gotta go, minions. Show your whatever, I got things to do.

Let's face it. This is all about showing off. It's like an FPO person who just comes to make the client feel special about a couple of full pages and some tv ads, that's it. The reality is we all know that the dude has No Idea on what the hell they are presenting, I can even bet real hard cash that he has not seen a single press ad in that presentation... but he's still there, like a dog that's peeing all over his loved client. He did not play any part on his team's execution, he didn't even see the strategy, know who the persons who worked late night are. But it's not validated unless HE'S there. It's a stamp of approval, like the politicians love to make at the end of every crap TV ad. I am Whatever Whatever and I approve this message.

And the clients? Well they eat that crap up every day. Oh Wow. The CEO came, this campaign must be incredible. He must be very busy but he took the time (5 minutes by clock) to be with us. Can you please take our picture? Got it? Ok moving on...

For once I would love to see only the Creative Director joined by his creative team show off a campaign to the media. In fact, I would only let a copywriter and a designer show it, because at the end of the day, it's their brain combined that produced the idea. Without them, without the long hours, the doodling and much more things we creative do, nothing would be there in that presentation. But for some reason, some agencies let the "Bosses" do the show. Instead of making the creatives shine, all you get is some song and dance about you working at the ad agency while your boss steals your thunder.

Why the post? Because I know there are lots of creatives who are not presenting their work. Some don't even have the pleasure of doing it to a client, less the media. You can stop that. If you created your campaign, ask to let YOU be the guy or guys who get to show the work. Why? Because only YOU know why YOU did it. You guys, the creatives, are the only people who can really sell your concept. Don't let anyone else talk for you. Today was a great example on how a CD presented a campaign without passion and a cohesive thought... because he didn't do it.

It's YOUR SHOW. YOU are the star. Claim your spot, dammit.

Much love, Me.


Joker said...

Glory hounds have often been the bane of my existence. Luckily, results speak for themselves and my batting average when I went to sell a concept was actually quite high, landing new businesses and selling concepts consistently. The funny part was when I was asked to not attend client meetings because the client tended to talk to me more than the exec. Jealousy is so cute.

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