Feb 22, 2013

There are two sides to every interview

 I’m usually quite calm during interviews and the reason is simple: I know what I can deliver, I know that I’m worth whatever money they’re going to pay me and I’m entering a partnership, not slave labor relationship where I’m expected to be subservient.

Apparently companies still think they’re doing you a favor when they interview you for a job… even when it’s them that are looking for you, instead of the other way around. You see, I could even understand if the person was the one requesting the job, since this puts the company in a position of power, because obviously, they have something you want… it’s a dynamic I abhor to be honest, but it makes sense… However, when a company is the one who’s looking for you, it should be the other way around, right? Apparently not.

My point of view is that both sides should be making the best possible first impressions to entice the other party to think that this joy will last forever. If you’re looking for the job, you should make a hell of a case for yourself and if it’s the company looking for you, the same should apply. So it comes with a decent degree of surprise when a company really does a piss poor first, second and third impression in regards to a business partnership.

Really, it seems most companies and most people have forgotten that a job is a two way street and that getting hired for a job is not the company doing you any favors. It reminds me of all the hiccups I’ve had in such scenarios. I remember once at an agency I resigned because I was getting offered more money… the answer? “Eeeesh, well we can’t match that, but we have such great plans for you….” Right. I’ve heard that story before and I really am happy with my decision in regards to every job I have left and for the reasons I have left.

I’m also happy with every company I’ve gone to and the reasons I’ve had to go work at X or Y place. They were genuine attempts to make something worthwhile and unfortunately it didn’t work out. The interesting part was that in each of those interviews, they showed interest and put on their game face to entice me to say, awww yeah, this is the right choice.

Apparently this is a lost art in today’s job climate and some companies are so pretentious that they insist they’re such hotbeds for talent that they can go up and call you, make an ass out of themselves and still expect you to play ball, for a job that wasn’t what you were initially offered, for pay that is less than what you would be required for you to even consider a change much less make it a done deal, or even to work for a company that doesn’t take its hiring process seriously.

So here’s to good decisions, to avoiding bad decisions and to companies who still know that if they want the right people for the job, they better bust their ass to court the hell out of the prospect.



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