Aug 18, 2014

Wrath of the Forwarders

One of my life complaints is the presence and existence of people who insist on just clicking fwd to petitions and requests without reading one word of what is being requested. Or OK, let’s be generous, for only reading the first line of a request. Today marks yet another fucking example of me having to give the bad news that what is being requested can’t be done.

When you show the layout and signal what is being requested and why it can’t be done, that’s when the fun starts because you are met with a gorsh face, surprised at what is being asked. Fuckhole, read what you forward because you’ll save us all time and effort and make people work for their pay check rather than try my patience by realizing I can’t do what is being asked.

Some people get paid for clicking fwd to things. No thought, no analysis, no filter, no critical thinking, just a chain letter pusher… and if y’all want us to think otherwise, then man the fuck up.


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