Sep 12, 2014

It still sucks: A goodbye letter from RestrictionsApply

When "Me" began WAS almost ten years ago, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no concept of social media. In fact, smartphones didn't exist either. Blackberry, SMS, email and blogs, of course, were the way to go. I take pride in the fact that WAS was one of the first blogs out there with active participation from the co-authors (or is it co-posters?) and, most importantly, from our readers. In a matter of weeks, a small community was created, one in which we all shared a love/hate relationship with the advertising industry. Many things evolved over the years, most notably the range of topics discussed, from industry-insider dirt to hot babe rankings and pop culture review. Our lives have evolved as well, with many of us moving on beyond advertising, marriage and kids. It was a great ride for me, an outlet to vent, to laugh, to think and to, quite simply, be me. And for that I am grateful. Thank you "Me" and "Joker", and thank you readers, for keeping the flame alive and for inspiring us with your comments. The big takeaway after all these years of WAS? Simple: ADVERTISING DOES AND ALWAYS WILL SUCK!!!!!


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