Aug 2, 2007

Rent it today!

UPDATE: Ok, so I posted this poster and I was too busy moving the logo to the left a bit to write about it. On one of my latest NYC trips, it was raining and, well, we saw this review on the Village Voice about this weird monster movie. Let's hit it, we said. Off we went, and dammit, we had the best time ever.

The movie is about a weird monster who appears in some sort of lake or river... (who knows), which takes people and... you know what happens next. I would say that the monster is a cool version of Godzilla mixed with your garden variety alligator. The problem is? A family, who has a small food store near the water, suffers the agony of having their little girl taken by this cool animal. They start to find a way to look for her, but the government is not helping out.

Do they find her? Do they kill the bastard animal? Watch and find out. Don't go expecting the greatest FX ever, just sit down, enjoy your popcorn and worry for a while.


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