Aug 7, 2007

Sexual Chocolate: My Top 5 Hunks

Tonight I had the pleasure of having my good friend Joker for a chat in the office. Travis and the Joker man asked me flat out why I love the Bourdain man. That left me thinking... if I had the pleasure of doing the nasty with 5 men... with no consecuences at all... who would I pick? Let's find out, shall we?

In no particular order of preference, here they are.

1) Anthony Bourdain. Why? I just love a dick, no pun intended. Men with attitudes have always sparked a thing or two in me. Ok, he's sometimes nice and tender... but not all the time. And I dig that. Besides. He cooks. He travels. He swears. He smokes. He drinks. My kind of guy. Who cares if he's not an Iron Chef. He's my Iron Man.

2) Bill Clinton. Why? Damn sexy if you ask me. I would go to Cuba and get his damn cigars at least one time a month. Sorry Hillary, you dropped the ball. I would be his intern any damn day of the week. And I would answer "Yes mister president" all the time. Yum.

3) Matt Lauer. Why? Just to wake to him every single day, with pancakes in bed would be a pleasure. Lovely sense of humor. Intelligent. Filthy rich. Oh, and he's like wine. Gets even better with age.

4) Bruce Willis. Why? I know that this man was put on this earth for me to drool, literally.

5) Luis Miguel. Why? This is the single most hot homo sapiens there can be. Who cares if he treats women like shit. Who cares if he snorts coke. To tell you a true story, when I was married my ex-husband commited the mistake of taking me to one of his concerts. My mother, because she knows me like hell, gave me binoculars so I could admire him a little bit closer. As he walked on stage, I put on my binoculars... and proceeded to say the most obscene things I wanted to do to him. For a split second, I had forgotten the fact that I was married... and I didn't give a shit. A couple of days ago I stated that I don't watch porn that much. I don't have to. I have Luis Miguel on DVD. Works just the same for me.

So. There you have it. My top 5 hunks. Go ahead, make our day and tell us what are your hunks or hunkettes.


RestrictionsApply said...

My top five Hunk-ettes (in no particular order):
1 - Eva Green
2 - Claire Danes
3 - Rita Hayworth
4 - Sanaa Lathan
5 - Barbara Mori

Lucila said...

hmm what a treat!!!

1. Brendan Fraser I like my men tall, handsome and funny.

2. John Cussack I love him then and NOW... one day someone, looking just like him, will be standing in front of my house with a huge boombox playing "In your eyes".

3. John Travolta...handsome, can dance, funny and his voice makes me horny.

4. Chris Noth he is Mr Big!!!!

5. Joaquin Phoenix I just wanna bit his lips.

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