Aug 6, 2007

Bourdain and Zimmern hit NYC!

Do you love Manhattan as much as I do? Doubt it. Nah, just kidding. Just a quick reminder. This Monday, August 6, the travel channel is featuring two of its finest Chefs, my fantasy love machine Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern in back to back NYC specials. First off it's Bizarre Foods - you know the drill, the man eats ass if its put on a plate, and I mean it - and then, my sweet hot cake of sexual fantasy, Bourdain, returns the favor with a cool look at great food and life at the Big Apple.

Look. Mondays without Heroes suck. But at least we have these two guys helping out until the guys come back.

Hope you watch!

PS: Did I tell you that the male stripper gave me his phone number and asked me out to Italian dinner? Will that man be my Sicilian Future Ex-Husband? We'll see... we'll see.


Make the logo bigger said...

What about topping off the evening with a healthy FUCK OFF from Gordo on Hell’s Kitchen?

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