Sep 21, 2007

Quality Control

When we hear this phrase we normally think about a product, work, service, etc. In terms of context, one normally thinks about a factory, a company or even telemarketing where “this call can be recorded to ensure quality control”. It’s funny how we never seem to apply this terminology when it comes to our lives and the quality of how we live it and how we feel living it.

It’s real simple take a few pieces of paper or open a word document and take the time to make a list out of any of these topics:

I.) How many unpaid extra hours have you worked?
II.) How many Friend and Family events have you missed out because you’ve been working?
III.) How many times have you gotten sick in the past year due to overworking?
IV.) How often have you found yourself waking up abruptly on a Saturday morning thinking you’re late for work?
V.) How many of those times have you HAD to go to work on a Saturday?
VI.) How many raises have you and your peers had in the last three years? (Those who wish to disclose)
VII.) How many ailments have you picked along the way of your career?
VIII.) How many friends have you lost touch with because you can’t make it to a party or even a beer?
IX.) How many beers/cups of wine/stiff drinks/spliffs/or coke lines do you need to unwind?
X.) How many times has the reply to people’s demands for better working conditions been answered with a: “well that’s how the industry is?”

That’s ten random lists you can try to fill out. If you fill out more than five items on any list, then there’s a problem and most likely there will be a long list of advertising people and none advertising people that can fill these out. That’s because we insist on quality control on everything work related and nothing life related. How many books have you not read, how many movies have you not seen, how many coffees have you not shared because you’re mulling over a shitty layout, a status report, a presentation, an East Coast media plan or anything else.

They say that one should always focus on quality rather than quantity and though I wish everyone was able to live a long and full life, I think it ideal that people start enjoying life one day at a time. Hell if we can deal with a problem, manage a situation, break an addiction and heal from surgery one day at a time, why can’t we enjoy life one day at a time?

Just some more random food for though.

Cheers though



RestrictionsApply said...

Here's a fun experiment:
1 - Run this survey by people who work in advertising and people who don't.
2 - Compare the results.
3 - Shoot yourself.

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