Jan 8, 2008

Lets Boogie at the Pity Party

“Wah, wah, wahggedy wah…”

Know who I’m quoting? My traffic director. That’s because she’s utilizing one of her most polished skills and one of the most annoying things to ever exist in the corporate world. They put puppy eyes and always insist that they “need” something verified now even if it’s not my account. “It’s really rush, sniff sniff. And we really, really need it done now”. Right… so that’s why the person in charge of the account is massaging skin tonic into the folds between their left nut and their thigh. Response? Puppy eyes and a big please since the other person is so inhumanely busy that they can’t do it. This while I constantly arrive from meetings to see jobs in my desk to be verified and things “that need to be done now” waiting and waiting and waiting while my jack of hearts is rubbing his club and generally doing things that though invaluable to their agenda, has nothing to do with work.

So what’s the point since I always try and have one? Simple, it’s my fault. I said ok the first ten times because I thought it mattered and therefore conditioned the member of the Traffic Department to always have me as the “go to guy” even when she doesn’t gotta go to me for something. I’m her little savior, the one that helps her out, the little angel with chocolate wings and jasmine scented asshole that spews out farts of love and fragrance rather than being the tight assed asshole I know I am. This happened because I didn’t say no and though I have said no a few times, I didn’t say no today for one very simple reason, I want to prove another point and since people are all too eager to help me prove it, then so be it. I said yes today to compare directly with next time I say no and to bring it up and see exactly how far things can climb up the drama charts because my bet is that they’re gonna roar by the time they hear the second no from me. And you want to know why I’m willing to put money on this? Because it’s happened before and I can’t help but adore the beauty of a drama queen pointing a finger in my face saying I’m being dramatic. All the while though, I’ll be sitting back, smiling coyly and repeating that delicious syllable that will make her eyes go bloodshot and stop her period for two weeks.

No …. ☺

It’s going to be a good year. I just know it.



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