Jan 21, 2008

Mr. Jones

Ok since I'm in the "This has to be said" mood, let me take up one of the topics I speak with true passion. Boxing. This past weekend saw Satan's younger sinbling promoting one of his King Promotion Pay Per Views. Tito Trinidad VS Roy Jones JR.

Being a boxing fan you know I was going to do what was necessary to see if two old wash ups could put up a show. Before that though, lets mention the undercard which WAS noteworthy.

Alex Bunema vs Roman Karmazin

This was a slugfest... well to be honest it was a one sided slugfest until Alex Bunema remembered he had one hell of a left hook that floored Karmazin after Karmazin had punished the Native of Congo for the better part of 9 rounds. After that, a combination and about 5 right hands prompted The Russian to take a little nap on the canvas. It was memorable because it was competitive throughout, it showed skill, guts determination and that the best man doesn't always win and sometimes gets knocked out.

Afterwards, Andrew Golota did the unthinkable against Mike Mollo, he had me cheering for him. I've NEVER rooted for Golotta and this past Saturday, he was able to unify two title belts... all this while having three things to contend with, a hyper active dirty boxing Mollo, 40 years of age and countless wars under his belt and a left eye that more resembled the inner part of a peach than any part of your anatomy. He literally had the other guy reeling for 4 rounds and how Mike Mollo didn't find his way to the floor is beyond me. But Golota did the unthinkable, he made me want to see him against other boxers evfen if it's possible he'll get brushed aside like some of his more mediocre bouts. Cheers to him and a beer for him and two for his eye.

Now for the main event. I'm a fan but I'm realistic. When I say this you can probably deduce that I would be rooting for Trinidad while I knew Roy Jones would win, and that's exactly what I happened regarding my feelings towards the fight and the fight itself. Credit to Trinidad from looking not so bad after two and a half years off and going up 10 pounds. Now for Mr. Super Man, where to begin. Roy Jones Jr. is as hateable as FLoyd Mayweather except there's a slight difference between the two fighters. One, Floyd hasn't ducked people because he's afraid, it just doesn't make any sense financially and he's taken the bouts he's wanted and always showed he can oneup his opponent. Second, Floyd has never lost. Third, though Floyd is flamboyant, he's pretty professional in the ring if you forgive him talking to the anouncers while he's knocking the crap out of someone. This being said, one must make one thing clear, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the legitimate pound for pound king right now since he only has a few question marks regarding fighters he should face. Lets go back a few years when Jones was pound for pound the "best the sport had to offer". Skeptics were insistent regarding Roy's status as pound for pounds greatest and with great reason. He ducked EVERYONE. I saw like five straight fights against second tier fighters while Roy was in his prime. he denied lucrative fights to secure his legacy or whatever bullshit he wanted to say. Is this to say he isn't an 8 time world champion or worthy of the boxing hall of fame? Not by a longshot, look at his record and you can see he deserves it, but his attitude is just a tad annoying because with his last fight he claims he's ready for anybody while I say he isn't ready for shit.

What did Roy Jones Jr. accomplish over the weekend. Lets see, he defeated a fighter who obviously has ring rust though Tito actually looked sharper than I thought he would. Ok so what else? Oh nothing, it's just a little tidbit regarding Tito Trinidad not having any business to be fighting at 170 pounds. Hell, Tito at 160 was questionable what did anyone think would happen ten pounds north of that? Nothing Tito did was meaningful. Effective yes, meaningful or fight changing? No. So what does Roy do? He postures, he boasts, he taunts, and he looks like a total idiot prompting me to hate him just a little more. It's like Jordan doing poses and shit while playing one on one against someone in freshman year of college that has game. Tito has skills, just not at that weight level. So Roy Jones was faster than Trinidad. Big surprise. He was stronger too. Whoop de do. Guess what didn't happen? He didn't knock him out. He knocked him down one and a half times since the second was a hybrid slip jab combo that put Tito down but he didn't knock out the man who has the rights to his own fruit punch (sad shit but true, sorry Tito, all is fair in posts on WAS). Guess what else? Before Trinidad Roy beat two "who the fuck are you" fighters. Before that he'd lost to Antonio Tarver by decision. Before that he'd gotten knocked out twice, once by Tarver and the second by Glen Johnson... by the way, Jones was on the Canvas for the better part of 6 minutes because he can take a punch so well.

Something I do have to give to Mayweather is that though he talks a hell of a lot of shit, after each fight he shows great respect to the other fighters, something kind of absent of Mr. Super Man. So does this mean I'm a Mayweather fan? Not by a long shot. I was glad for the fight against Ricky Hatton because Ricky should be given 150% credit from bringing out the best in Floyd. I haven't seen that in any Jones fight. Maybe I got into boxing too late to see the last good Roy Jones fight that didnt have him on his ass, but pot shooting and being a dick doesn't win him props from people who enjoy the sport. The prospects for Jones are Hopkins, Taylor, Pavlik or even Calzaghe but if he thinks one upping Tito earns him a shot at any of these elite fighters, he's sadly mistaken but luckily still marketable enough to get his way. Truth be told, I'd love to see fighters deny him bouts so he can see what it's like, but apparently good sense will prevail and his bullshit I'm the greatest antics are not contageous which means that at 39, Roy might still have 3-4 good pay per views or bouts scheduled. What bugs me is the whole attitude as if he's indestructible and will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you're wondering why that is, it's because Roy is far from the elite and he needs to be available to anyone that wants to give him a break. I don't see him eying up either Glen Johnson or Antonio Tarver though and it's not like they've retired or become insignificant, but then again, maybe he's two busy swivelling his hips after getting a Tito body shot to remember he got his ass handed to him twice. What's the point to all this? Simple. Shut the fuck up Roy and earn your stripes because beating John Ruiz only means you beat the shittiest heavyweight champion that had no chance of catching you with anything meaningful, it doesn't mean you were a heavyweight champion or a heavyweight for that matter. If you want to know what a middleweight turned heavyweight looks like, look at James Toney and marvel that Mr. Tub of lard can take it to the big guys because guess what, THAT guy has never ducked a fight. Take notes and be sure to cash them checks quick buddy, because if it were up to fans like me, we'd leave you starring in the Matrix TV Series rather than in a ring. Oh and if you needed another jab at the pound for pound title you once held? At least Floyd can back his shit up.



Me said...

Well mein dude, I agree with you, 100%. Although I knew that Jones would do the work, I actually saw a good fight from our fruit punch maker friend. Solid punches, nice stand, worked him. It was not meant to be, that's all.

I only thought, these guys need money. They have wined and dined way too much, and now we were literally paying their bills, for one last fight. Kind of sad.

Now, Golota? Whoa. I always liked him because he boxed dirty and didn't apologize for that. And I also agree, great fight. Eye? Beautiful.

All in all, hey... we had some beers, laughed a bit, helped some boxers pay their light bill. I think it was worth it. See you at the next one!

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