Jan 29, 2008

People who annoy me: Volume 1: Dane Cook

Ok so you can make a case for possible plagearism on behalf of Mr. Cook in regards to material discussed by Louis CK. But that's not what bothers me about Dane Cook. To be brutally honest, he's not a bad comic when it comes to 15 minute standups and sometimes up to 30 minute performances. That being said, he can't handle an hour long standup or longer and I'll show you why.

Reasons why Dane Cook can't make an hour long standup:

When you start to see a performance meaning a show, a display of public talent or a non-private showcasing of comedic abilities, comedy being obviously the exact opposite of tragedy, you can see, observe, analyze, look or simply take a gander that Dane really stretches a joke, way too far than it sometimes, as in lots of minutes, it's worth. Because when you see, or smell, or even hear, with your ears... Dane... umm.. well you can see that though he can at times make or create or just tell a really good joke, by joke I mean sentence made of words that are made of syllables and letters that when phonetically combined make up sounds that we've given meaning to, he also wastes a lot of what he'd like to call "El tiempo" to get on with his act. Yes, he, meaning Dane or Mr. Reynolds if he'd happen to be in a highschool detention class but since he isn't we'll just call him Dane, has a lot, and I mean tons, a bunch or just oodles of filler where repetition, synonyms and on-premise rephrasing is utilized so people can realize or just figure out, or maybe be enlightened as to what he's been educated with, or just think that he knows a thing or two, or three, heck even forty, about telling a joke. He, meaning Dane or Mr. Cook, but not a chef just takes too long to be what he'd like to believe is funny. Then again, in a spectacle, event or just show where low-fi su-fi wielding mongoloides tanked on Budweiser Select insist, repeat, clamor or just shout that Dane is the greatest most magnificentist comedian of them all, it is no surprise, or shock or even an aweinspiring act, to see that most people, persons or just the good ol public is a bunch of people caught in the trend that Dane is the hottest shit since Satan dropped a Lincoln Log.


Am I saying that Dane is the worst comedian ever? no. Am I saying I've never laughed at one of this jokes? no. Like I said, I actually think he's extremely solid in short standups because he has no chance to employ his bullshit filler and to get to the point with pretty good material. That he's tagged as one of the biggest assholes in comedy doesn't really come as a huge surprise and quite honestly I wish it were all bullshit to focus on his standup and reiterate that he's not the best. He might be the best selling but that says shit to me because New Kids Sold Millions of copies as did Vanilla Ice and I think it isn't necessary to finish off that thought because it's fucking obvious that hype always sells better than talent.

As for plagerism, the only thing I can say about said topic is that at least he isn't Carlos Mencia. In short, good he is, but great he isn't. Please stop blowing smoke up this guy's ass.


TexanInHippieland said...

Well put... or communicated, you might say... or perhaps "well-written."

Seriously WAS writers, were we separated at birth? I'm trying hard to hate you guys, or disagree with you... but thus far, no luck.

I too, don't hate Dane Cook, and, at one time, thought he was quite funny. But after his first CD, for me at least, it's been all downhill.

Me said...

We're a lovable bunch, tex. And of course... we all joined the dark side.

(Jesus. A Star Wars reference coming from a Trekker. I have to kneel down in front of my Shatner shrine and beg for forgiveness)

joker said...

It's quite possible there was a transdimensional time flux within your mother's womb where we were meant to be twins or triplets with Me and instead got shot to different time lines. Regardless, glad to be on the same page though I'm sure there will eventually be something that makes you go meh, just human nature. Apart from that, we definitely appreciate the comments, the reading, the being on the same page and the love. Take care and I promise to post something monumentally macho and foul mouthed (or foul fingered since I'm writing here) to counteract the gayness of this comment.

Take care

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