Jan 30, 2008

She likeded the Ad

Yes suh, that missus from the office o’ the client sure-a didda likeum tha ad we prusentud today.

Ok so apart from today’s standard miscellanea of inane and totally forgettable experiences, there are two moments where I really have to put the button on pause and obviously relate it to get it out of my system so I don’t keep putting angry posts on other people’s blogs.

First up on the chart and something that will probably get some type of post out of it, we had our first meeting with a new client. Not that we have a new account, it’s just that we’ve been assigned a new puppet for this particular account and after ducking us for the better part of a week and a half, we meet, and she’s slow…. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…… ssslllllllloooooooowwwwwwwwwwww. That being said I swear it was like spoon-feeding a baby information to see if they understood and after repeating things like 4 times (she must have not had her Ritalin or tripled the dose), she finally got it. Though I felt inclined to pat her on the head, good taste (and fear of job security) prevailed. Here’s the thing, not only is this gal not the brightest crayon in the box, she also happens to be totally different regarding personal taste and input than our previous antagonist. So in a sum up, kind of annoying but bearable.

Now for the second shindig that has my frontal lobe swollen with angst, lets call him client #2 since to me, he’s not much more than #2 in potty terms as well. This douche bag looked at a campaign we did, approved and signed off on it and two days later what do we get, the same campaign needing to be redone….. naturally we ask what the hell happened since we’d gotten a thumbs up and had actually already danced a jig… maybe we jinxed it but there they were, revisions. Fine. They end up shooting down way more than half the material we suggest and recommend (AKA order us) to do artworks in a different vein to the point of changing the logo. We look for support from the CD, the exec or anyone who should give a shit. The reaction , crickets chirping… nice. We redo the thing, it already sucks. They actually approve it a second time… no jig dancing, no celebrating we just think we did what had to be done right? Wrong… do it again monkeys. Sit at your desks and waddle away in indecipherable revisions and stay til late while we watch American gladiators. Great… to make things worse, all copy was revised to how it really works which is what I like to call “their way” and now to make things worse, the client has gotten an itch on his artistic ass cheek and he’s asking for certain textures and art revisions that have my artist up the wall and rightfully so. My point is this, would it be so wrong to hire a hooker to blow this guy so he left us alone? Who knows maybe we’ll get a double whammy and he’ll get the clap to be out of the office for a few days and everyone (that matters and is worthwhile) is happy. I don’t know.

What I do know is that clients really insist on challenging any view that they may actually still possess a brain, or tack, or any usefulness whatsoever with their every day dawdling fumble fucks. For now I’ll just wish for my fairy godmother to visit and tell me, don’t worry child, that day you decided to work in advertising, it’s all just a bad dream. Unfortunately, life isn’t that sappy, lame, predictable or forgiving. Oh well, here’s to another day of the stupids.


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