Jan 12, 2008

The Totally Rad Post!

If there is one cliché of creatives is this: we all love videogames, movies, tv, internet stuff, comic books and... alcohol? Yep, that sounds right. When we are not bitching about how bad our job is, we talk about any of the previous themes. So, to keep you up to date in great video podcasts, let's review the Totally Rad Show.

It is one of many Revision 3 programs, and in my book, they rule. Yesterday night I drove 2 hours to a favorite restaurant of mine (talk about being a loyal client, those guys should give me the food for free, dammit) and when we drove back I plugged in my iPod and bingo, we listened to the Year's Best edidion of TRS. Fucking awesome.

If Diggnation is the bible to anything tech and internet... um and beers... and it is a sin not to watch it, Totally Rad show is your mandatory guide to anything videogames, tv and movies. Week by week they discuss all three themes, and dammit it is way funny. Granted, it is a show for geeks, but hey, we stand proud.

In this shitty profession that we all share and loathe, it is very important to keep up with all new stuff regarding any type of pop culture media. Face it, if we don't learn about what's going on, we cannot truly function and make great ads. This sort of programming, and dammit it's free, is the main source for one thing only: being relevant. Ads cannot function only on funny and witty. It has to connect in some way to what's going on in the world.

I think that this is a great way to keep our minds fresh and get cool ideas - because you know what happens when you only get your ideas from Archive or Communication Arts, yuck. Hey, sorry but it's not the same to get INSPIRED by a trend than to FULLY COPY an ad. The sad thing is that AE's and CD's are not watching this shit, and it's a damn shame. If I had a dime for every time I pitched a great idea to my CD and he didn't get it or didn't understand what was my inspiration... I'd be fucking rich.

So... revision3.com. Click. Enjoy. See ya!


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