Feb 12, 2008

Hug an IT tomorrow.

I don't know if this bit of information is a burden or a miracle. You see, I've had the "pleasure" of having a shitload of job descriptions. In all my years of advertising, I've done traffic, account executive, reception (ugh), copywriter, senior copywriter, designer, art director, producer, director, associate CD and... my favorite... IT.

Don't ask how I got the pleasure of working all those things. Let's just say I committed the greatest sin of all time: I once yelled that I was bored and needed something else to do. So, one of my greatest bosses ever, moved me from place to place and I really got to learn the business. Although the fucker didn't pay me extra for all those things, I have to give credit where it's due and say thanks to the bastard, because it has helped me along the way, specially to cope, I guess.

Why am I writing about IT? I have just come home from HOURS helping my mom install her new kick ass Mac, which came via gift from my cool ass stepdad. I spent hours programming, making sure everything ran perfect. At the end, I ended up tired, with a new mac (I took her old one as payment, Ha) and my mom is now enjoying her new Mac.

She called me up to say thanks, but what was funny is that she said. How did you learn all this? My previous job, and my previous husband. You see, my ex was a hacker. Period. Oh, and hard core. He could break any code he wanted. He could hack into anything he liked. And for quite a while, well, while we were a happily married couple at least, which was for a very long time, I sat near him and asked to learn every single thing about hacking. I became a tech addict.

Then I started to read, try to program and break codes. When the guys from our IT came to fix the computers, I was right there learning how they did stuff. Learned how to solve problems, learned how to fix bugs. It gave me such a kick, knowing that from learning and watching you could do so much... And I learned one thing.

IT is hard shit. It is difficult. You have to think loads of steps ahead. It is a damn hard job, and you have to work around pissed off people who want to throw their macs thru a window. I think IT is a mix of psychology and patience. I write this because I know you all have them around. Look guys, they are the key to being happy with your computer. What makes me a bit sad is that they sometimes fix our computers, make everything happy again and some say thank you and go on their way. It's like it's expected out of them...

So. Do a good deed. Hug the guy or gal (are there any IT chicks left?). Remember, some day you will need help looking for deleted porn. And they will be glad to help.

IT people rule!


TexanInHippieland said...

Okay, good post. But I have a suggestion guys, gals (I forget how many of you there are). Ya'll need to sign off with your screen name at the end of your posts (or maybe the beginning).

Just a suggestion.

I'm reading along, picturing a guy in my head talking and then I read "... my husband..." and I'm all, like, what the????

Me said...

Haaaaa. Well, I just can picture it now, your WTF moment. It happens, dude. Sometimes even I don't know who wrote what.

If I had a dime of the times that's happened, dammit I could retire to Bora Bora.

Ah... Wishful thinking...

joker said...

Hehehe, I can imagine that. As for how many? 4 is the magical number.

Me: Curator, designer and creator of WAS.

Joker: your resident sociopath and the guy who has taste in starlets (porn or otherwise) in tune with yours.

RestrictionsApply: Resident guru with chunks of knowledge to offer a level headed point of view.

Travisfkr: Silent partner that posts once in a blue moon but that constantly finds us golden nuggets of online goodness to post.

We can do the pre post thing but as for signing off, we regularly have some type of sign off (I have two, Cheers and a toast or Peace, Love and Maki Rolls) and each post has the "posted by blogger thing" at the bottom.

As for tone and manner, Restrictions is pretty straight forward, inteligent and is not one for bullshit.

Me is the crude honest one.

and Joker, moi is the guy with insults with 13 line sentences including thirty word insults.

Who knows, we might do a blogger profile on each of us if we're bored one day to offer enough background to share who we are while maitaining anonimity.

As for the post.... what if my particular IT guy is not so bright? I show the guy love but it's not cuz he's a whiz but because I love everything to be as hunky dory as possible.

TexanInHippieland said...

Aaahh. Didn't see the "Posted by ME" thing at the bottom. Duh.

Oh, and...

TexanInHippieland is your faithful reader/commenter who over-uses parentheticals. (See what I mean?)

RestrictionsApply said...

IT people are like lawyers and copywriters - you don't really appreciate what they do and how they do it until you need them.

God bless them all...

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