Jul 3, 2008

Have you ever...

Random questions from someone who is dead awake at 5am in the morning. Enjoy.

Have you ever...

1) ... thrown anything at a coworker in sheer anger? If so, what?

2) ... thought about banging your boss, not because of wanting more money, just because they are damn hot in your book?

3) ... wanted to tell anyone at those pesky advertising happy hours that they are humiliating themselves at the kareoke machine?

4) ... picked up your keys and wallet/purse and almost left your job for good? If so, how many times?

5) ... have dreamed of working at a fast food restaurant instead of living another day doing a shitty ad?

6) ... wanted to sit down with someone and tell them... how the fuck did you get this job?

7) ... wanted to be such a damn good hacker you could infect your whole office with a cool virus which would leave the operation dead in its tracks? If so, did you research it? What did you find?

8) ... wanted so bad for a coworker to leave you pray for him to get fired? Do you feel bad after?

9) ... wanted to punch someone for a stupid revision that will take you hours to deliver? If so, where would you punch him/her?

10) (Insert here your question, share.)


Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

10) considered calling in a bomb threat to get a client meeting you weren't ready for cancelled?

Hope you get that Ambien scrip renewed, Joker.

Anonymous said...

1) I have now been contemplating it for 20 minutes. I'd throw something heavy over the wall and knock her out.

2) Yes.

3) We don't have pesky happy hours.

4) Almost. 4 or 5 times.

5) I've dreamed of other jobs, but not fast food.

6) YES!

7) That would be so awesome.

8) Yes. And very.

9) Yes. RIGHT NOW. Someplace painful.

Joker said...

Sorry you were insomniacking.

1. Shoe... twice. :)

2. Have never had a boss hot enough to bang.

3. I'd rather just have them piss on themselves.

4. Lost count at my old job... Well not really. Two times, the second time was my reality check to star sending my résumé around.

5. Never a fast food but have definitely thought about switching careers.

6. Sit down or strangle them?? :S

7. Ummm... no... I've never ever thought of doing such a thing ........................

8. Feeling bad about them not getting fired? Of course. I feel terrible.

9. Stomp on foot, gut and uppercut combo. The wedgie would be for bonus points.

10. Ever wanted to throw a computer out the window?

PS: My word verification is ictea....

Lucila said...

1) the trash can, a rubber brain, countless rubber balls, my shoes...etc

2)No but I did had a nightmare that was doing one of them...aagghh!

3)No but I encourage them so I can keep laughing at them. :)

4)Hmm not this year but years ago that would have been like 10 times per year.

5)I longed once to be a bartender in a strip club.

6)A day is not enough, there are too many incompetent assholes.

7)I onces wanted to erase everything from someone's computer just for fun.

8)I didn't pray for that but it happened and I felt relieved because karma did it's thing.

9)All the time. A good bitch slap right in the smacker.

10)Have you ever dreamt of quitting your job and become you boss' new client?

dearjanesample said...

1) No. I'm afraid if I start, I will never stop.

2) No boss has been that hot ... and personality actually matters to me.

3) yes.

4) 10ish?

5) yes. many many times. the dream also includes a fast food restaurant in the middle of nowhere somewhere. less people and peace and quite. I could blog about plants growing or something.

6) yes. And if you have never asked yourself this question, then YOU are that person.

7) Yes. I watched the movie Hackers ... that was the extent of my research.

8) yes. no.

9) yes. it's a tie between the nose and the gut. I can't decide if I want to see blood or them bent over in pain and unable to breath. its a tough one

10) ... contemplated going back in time and living in a simpler time?

Dabitch said...

11) Considered dropping salmonella in the water tank just to get a few days peace without that moron co-worker who drinks fifteen glasses a day? Oh yes.

1) a tennis ball. Repeatedly. All morning.

2) No. My bosses were never hot.

3) There's a happy hour?

4) I did did twice.

5) ah HELL no.

6) Ah HELL yes.

7) I don't need a hacker to do that. Which I guesss means I researched this very well.

8) Yep. Poor thing.

9) Oh yes. Upside the head will do nicely.

Me said...

Thank you for posting... come on, send the link of the post to all your friends!!! We need more comments!!!

auntie Christ said...

1) No

2) Yes, but usually because you want to pound their head into the hadboard repeatedly.

3) Yes, but usually everyone else is into it, so there's no point.

4) Usually happens when taking a lunchtime walkabout. It would be so easy to just not return, but how would I get my CDs back?

5) Sure, but people in fast food are even ore stupid by natural selection. I'd just repeat 1 through 4 that much quicker.

6) Have done so.

7) The telephone closet was always left unlocked. It would have been euphoric to just pull every wire in there.

8) Yes, yes, but only because they had children to support.

9) I always imagine what it might feel like to punch someone in the face. Would it hurt him/her or me more?

10) Have you ever had to brief someone on a new project knowing they'd be fired before they could even finish it?

Me said...

1) Not that I can remember.

2) Sure.

3) I have lost count. I cringe when I see that machine every single time.

4) In 15 years, only twice.

5) McDonalds. Sure.

6) I almost did one time. I thought that the girl in question had to have blown someone. Seriously.

7) I did. I researched it. There are no viruses for Mac. Shit.

8) Yes. No.

9) I would have gone for the neck.

10) (I'll take ad broad's) Sorry to say, no. But does it count if I wanted a hurricane to come so the lights went out for weeks?

Dabitch said...

There is a virus for mac. I have it.

(and just to prove that I'm not kidding, here's some mailing list links where I finally got a copy from other mailinglist readers.
http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=åsk+wäppling+botnet&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 )

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