Jul 20, 2008

On the Road in 60 seconds

Ok to try something different I'm going to talk about my road experience for a film shoot in 60 second increments for six topics. Why the weird approach? Well it was a weird trip so lets do something illogical. So here goes. Six topics, sixty seconds to write for each.


If you think you've had a bad flight on your way home, well get ready if you ever go to shoot in some very nice place somewhere that's off the beaten path. At least in my case there were two instances when I honestly wanted to slap the so called captain upside the head. By the way traveling in business class at least on my way to the shoot was super kick ass.


You get petty cash when you travel so you can finally enjoy the ludicrous prices of a mini bar. A co worker that went with me spent 90 bucks in two nights and it's not like she was binging. Also note to self, worry when the first thing you get asked when you go to a Casino is whether you're carying a side arm or not. Fucking insane.

The Food

I know you're tempted to eat everything and taste new cuisines.... don't. I was pissing through my ass for a couple of days and though I'm sure I lost some weight, it's not like I needed it in the first place and I truly do not appreciate knowing what a high colonic feels like because of eating some mystery meat that fucked me something fierce. By the way, DON'T DRINK THE WATER. If anything you take from this post DON'T DRINK THE WATER.

Nice Clients

They do exist and I was fortunate enough to have them along for the ride. Truly I'm fucking in awe to the degree these people were nice and involved and intelligent. This deserves its own post duh, but wanted to mention it here since I now understand that some accounts you just work on and others you think of work for constantly. My sincerest thanks and I hope you're as happy with the end product as I am.

Production Zealot

A new definition for control freak has stumbled upon my life dictionary, it's the head of production for your company. Niceties to the side, some people are manic and over controlling but luckily nothing ruined the shoot, not even the grossly evident doucheness of a power tripper.

The "talent"

Arriving on a shoot lighting a doobie, though cool to your fellow would be cast members, though badass in some places is just retarded... especially when a cop is near the outdoor set. Luckily fourty bucks buys a lot these days. As for talent, the main talent went above and beyond to do everything we asked the poor kid and he truly deserves double pay because we honestly put him through hell. That said the other "talents" were subpar to say the least and luckily they had no audio roles.

In a nutshell, it was a great experience and I can't wait for the next shoot because it makes having to deal with douche clients that much more tolerable. As for the extra posts some of these snippets merit, well I'll get to that in a few.



shaun. said...

i 100% agree with the production zealot.

its ridiculous...

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