Aug 11, 2008

Chasing Amy: A Belated Review

At my house we are celebrating Kevin Smith Appreciation Month. (Did I tell you guys that I saw him live??? Yeah, hate me, I know) Since I have all his movies (except Jersey Girl, and if Kevin ever read this post, dude I'm sorry but you know it sucked), I have been day by day been watching them all over again. For some reason, I have always watched time and time again all of his flicks except Chasing Amy. Don't know why, just happened. So on Saturday night, it was movie time at Me's house.

Why the FUCK am I not watching this on a monthly basis??? This is the true masterpiece of Smith, I kid you not. If you haven't seen this flick, first of all, hit yourself in the nuts or somewhere of equal value. You don't deserve to go to the movies ever again. Second of all, let me then give you a basic idea of the film.

A guy meets a girl at a Comic Con. He falls for her in a second. She seems like the perfect girl: a mix between one of the guys and the girl next door. The guy tries to have a relationship with her when... bang... the chick is a lesbian. What do you do? Do you still try to have a relationship or do you let it go???

The thing about the movie is the script. The actors are damn good, but in fact the hero of the movie are the words. The way that Smith writes makes me want to flagellate myself. It is simply, in a word: real. I've known people who actually talk exactly like he writes. It is amazing, so few people can write and sound so real that we could actually think we are eavesdropping. Besides, the damn flick is so damn funny... You have a piece of meat for a brain if you don't at least chuckle.

Does it have dick and fart jokes? Is George W Bush a total dick??? DUH! It's Kevin Smith. But still, this is a bit more dramatical, if you will, more deep, dark and a bit sad. Being in love is hard, add to that when you have different ideas on how the world should turn... yeah. Shit hits the fan.

So, please don't make the same mistake as I did. Find your nearest Chasing Amy and have your way with her. And then... do it again and again.


1Letterman said...
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Stan Lee said...

I'm a big fan of Amy too. It took me a while to get past that squeaky voice, but once I did, there was no going back.

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