Aug 18, 2008

Fortune Cookie 500 #'s 186-190


Money apparently distorts reality.

On new businesses

New business is often bad business.

On tempers

Emotional maturity is obvious when angry.

On long work nights

Never try and justify working late.

On revisions

Some people deserve to have their facial structures revised.


1Letterman said...

I hate it when people refer to changes/revisions as "corrections."

The fucking shit was correct when it LEFT MY DESK, ASSMUNCH! It's just DIFFERENT now!!!!

I wish someone would invent a squirt gun that could hold hydrochloric acid.

shaun. said...

ewww, i concur on the revisions.

revised faces in 08.

Joker said...

Lets patent that gun man. Where there's a will, there's a hydrochloric acid squirt gun :D.

And Shaun we should get a martial art called Kung F.U. for these pissants.

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