Sep 24, 2008

10 Random Questions for your boss.

1) Why is it that when I say it's creative, it usually sucks but when by accident the client sees it and loves it, it's genius?

2) How come you cannot give me a raise but your wife can get bigger boobs?

3) Do you know that pizza is not a food I love to eat on a daily basis when I have to work late?

4) If I steal an idea from Communication Arts and the agency gets a prize... do I still get a memo or a pat on the back?

5) Can I punch you in the balls every time you tell me that I have to work the weekends?

6) Why instead of firing innocent people you get a lower priced car?

7) Are you or have you been a creative in any way shape or form? Then how can you tell me how to make the design look better?

8) When you go out to play golf while the team is working... do you actually feel guilty for even a second for not being there with us?

9) Why do you pick the wrong Creative Directors, time and time again, when you have able people right in your team to do the job way better?

10) Have you ever regretted losing a great employee because you were too proud to give them the money they wanted to stay?


RestrictionsApply said...

1) Because the client is always right

2) Because my wife is a trophy wife, and she has to show off her wares at all the cocktail parties we go to

3) Pizza is cheap and pleases everyone. Just be thankful that I pay for it.

4) No, your Creative Director gets a pat on the back

5) Can I sold my balls to the client a long time ago

6) Can you imagine me, the CEO of an agency, in a – gulp – Ford Escape? That won’t get me past my clubhouse’s security check.

7) My extravagant salary gives me instant sophistication

8) Remember: I’m not golfing, I’m networking and trying to land new clients

9) Because none of you have foreign accents, and foreign accents help sell ideas

10) There’s always other fish in the sea

Me said...

Dude, this is why you rule. Epic...

Anonymous said...

Wow that's an awesome post ....

Unknown said...

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