Sep 20, 2008

For Shaun #1: how hot is Megan Fox

Recently I did #12 on the 20-20 series with the writer on Prostituted Thoughts and in #17 I asked three blog post titles he'd like me to write and no matter how trivial or severe a promise, I keep my word. So Shaun, here's #1.

So how hot is Megan Fox? They'd probably have to redefine the Richter scale based on her alone. You see, the analogy is simple, When I saw Ocean's Eleven at the movies, I literally heard ova dropping when George Clooney first came on scene in his tieless suit and much the same reaction when Brad Pitt showed his strong chinned hotness. I don't think I've ever been at any place where so many women got aroused at the same time and hey, the pheronomes probably made me enjoy the movie THAT MUCH MORE. Having said that, when Megan Fox's sweet little smile and sapphire eyes came on screen, well a bunch of guys almost came off screen or at the very least adjusted their trousers.

Hot? People, men twice her age have found their visual viagra and though the guilt churning within of being aroused by someone the age of their daughters is something they share on Sunday at a churche, I'm sure the priest pulls them aside, offers them a hit from their flask and sa├┐ "my son, even God will have to excuse us for this one." To boot and not to be an ass, she has a porn star's name. Sorry Megan, but go to Wikipedia, look up a roster of adult performers and accept that I have a point.

As if men needed any help in ogling at her, she did the very thinkable act of appearing in Maxim and I'm pretty sure the copies sold like hot cakes. Before you get any ideas, I'm not saying Megan is by far my favorite hollywood infatuation, but denying the woman is beautiful would just be plain ignorant. To add to her allure, she has attitude and though for relationships this may be a problem in the long run, men are FASCINATED by women with attitude. Long gone are the days of men wanting docile women (or so they would have women believe). Women with balls are much more welcome than ever and you just have to see the roles in the recent years that promote male woodage. Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johanssen, Uma Thurman, Megan Fox and Kate Beckinsale. All these women have roles where in some way or another they are dominant female figures and you know I left out a couple of names.

To further add to her stock, she has attitude but isn't a fuck up. This means she'll get as many tattoos as she wants but won't go fire crotching like Lindsay Lohan. She's bitchy and sexy, not skanky and men like that too.

So Shaun, how hot is Megan Fox? Just take a look at the scene where she's looking at Bumblebee's motor while she's cavorting and getting WAY too natural a reaction from Shia LaBeouf. nuff said.


Me said...

I smell a post coming: How hot is George Clooney. I only need months to write it, since it's gonna take that amount of time to do him justice...

shaun. said...

amen joker.


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