Sep 14, 2008

Way beyond the top 40: Kyuss

Before Queens of the Stone Age there's a little something you'd like to know as Kyuss. What the who the and when the fuck was Kyuss something you should have heard about? In the 90's while you were wondering what that stuff your roomate called stoner rock was.

This is some deliciously dirty rock. The bass is cranked up, the drugs are too and grungy jam sessions are the order of the day on their spectacular Welcome to Sky Valley and When The Circus Comes to town.

If you've ever heard Queens of the Stoneage and wondered where the hell they got that sound, check out Kyuss. If you haven't heard of Queens of the Stoneage, then I'm not sure how you can call yourself a bonafide rocker.

Here are some Kyuss clips. Feel free to not rinse and ensure to repeat as desired.


Jeff said...

And if you like QOTSA and Kyuss, then check out Brant Bjork too.

Joker said...

You're totally right Jeff. Hell of an underground band. :D and might just do a WBTT 40 for em.


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