Sep 28, 2008

Why be effective when you can be bipolar?

Or melodramatic for that matter. Seems to me that the more you bitch and moan the less people deal with you, the less you get hassled, the easier your life is since all your duties are delegated to people who won’t be a pain in the ass. Oh but won’t you get fired? Uh… no. For some strange fucking reason melodramatic cum catchers get away with tons of more shit than someone who is responsible, talented and actually has a conscience and it’s because we HAVE a conscience that we get our balls busted continuously. Because people that can be counted on shall forever be the go-to people that get overworked and underpaid while rampaging idiot assholes with an ego larger than an entire continent are left alone. Look around. If you work in an average agency, you’ll see shitheads that are forgiven EVERYTHING but since they don’t care in the first place, it works perfectly for them because they aren’t asked to consistently perform. One award-winning ad a year is enough.

That’s right, all you have to do to be able to have the most disgusting attitude in the whole wide Ad world is to win a fucking award and let EVERYONE know about it. Fucking slap it in the face of everyone, keep it on your desk, tattoo it on your arm, do whatever you like, just don’t be responsible, or nice, or hard working, or based on strategy. If you do you’re fucked.

Right now I’m enjoying the wonderful company of a supervisor who is the least qualified person on the planet for Self Help books. I’m talking someone that would fuck herself daily if she probably didn’t hate every cell in her body. You see, conflicting personalities also add weight to your Ad dollar and the more you bitch and fight and moan, the more some higher ups think that they’re challenging the system to be better rather than accepting the Everest company road hazard they really are.

So remember friends, don’t be effective if you can help it. It’ll just earn you long work hours, shitty pay, doing other people’s work and the misery that currently inhabits your friendly jaded neighborhood Joker.



shaun. said...

egos, egos, egos.

valrossie said...

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after my uncontrolled recklessness, anger and impulsivity caused me to take a wrecking ball to my own life.

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