Oct 10, 2008

The Mystery of Me's Tsunami Dreams... Solved?

I have always wondered why everytime I have a horrible nightmare a tsunami comes in. I thought that this was a sign of something - but I never could actually put a finger on why this is a recurring dream of mine. An old copywriter friend of mine who loves to find the meaning of dreams once told me that my tsunami dreams were caused by extreme anxiety. Um... yeah, could be, but... WE WORK IN ADVERTISING. Besides, it doesn't make sense that all my nightmares are exactly the same - a huge wave comes in and I usually run where my mom is to die with her. Sometimes we make it, sometimes we drown. I sometimes woke up shivering, not knowing where I was. Trust me when I say this, it is a horrible dream that has hounded me for many many years.

So a couple of weeks ago, I drove up to mom's and she could spot in an instant that I hadn't slept. My mom isn't a psychic, but dammit she knows if I am tired, sad, angry... anything. So I tell her about my nightmares, but I also ask her a very important question. Seems that I remember one day being swallowed by a wave. Since I am not sure if I made it up it or if it really happened, I asked her. Did it really happen? Sort of.

Well guys, my mother has solved my problem. When I was five, she and I were at the beach. Suddenly a huge wave dropped, and she remembers that she held on to me and we could get out. She told me that we shrugged it off and went to buy cool oranges from a beach vendor (we got a shitload of them where I live - you can actually eat shrimp, eat beer, drink water, juice... yeah, I live in heaven). But for her, it was a simple wave, but for a five year old, it seemed like... the end of the world. For a strange reason, I could never forget that wave or what it felt when being dragged in the pure force of a simple wave. For her, it could have been a 3 feet wave, but for a little one, Me, apparently it seemed like a 20 foot one.

So now it all makes sense. This fucking memory is nailed inside my head. I started to embrace it. Maybe if I can remember that it actually happened, that it isn't some dream, then my Tsunami dreams will not come so often. What did I learn from all that? We need to talk to our parents and tell them how we feel more often. Instead of shutting up and not making them worry, sometimes we just blurt some stupid thing out and maybe, just maybe, the wave won't come crashing in.

I am happy to report that it has been a month without water in my dreams. And I have to say... Thanks mom. I owe you one.


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Gabriela said...

hey. I need your help. A couple of weeks ago I dreamt about tsunamis, but in all of them, I somehow figured to survive. After something happened with my exboyfriend (he was playing with me) the dreams stopped. I kinda related that to the dreams. My mind somehow I guess knew something was going to rise up to the surface. But then last night I had another nightmare. This was very different though. I know what you're saying, the dreams were very similar, that's how it was for me weeks ago. But not last night's. The places of the nightmares weeks ago were places I've never been to. Places I had no idea where they were. But yesterday, it was at my house. I saw the wave coming from out the window, and it scared me when I woke up because I live around the beach. then in the dream there were three waves, not just one like the other nightmares i had. one of them was cause by an earthquake, and the other ones were cause by this angry really tall guy....he was very weird looking. can you tell your friend what this could mean. and what scared me the most its that only in this dream, the wave caught me.

Me said...

Hey Gabi;

Look, I don't believe that dreams need to have a meaning. In fact, I just think that they are visual vomits of our brains - they get clogged up with information (fears, worries, memories) that they need to get flushed out while we sleep.

Don't worry about your dreams so much or what they mean because you will go nuts. Think of your brain doing a Zap PRAM, that's all. It's rebooting all the info. That's all...

Anonymous said...

I don't recall replying back. but thanks!!!! this was a really positive thing for me to realize MANY things. Right now I'm going out with another guy after completely healing from the last break up that was giving me lots of nightmares...and now all I have are beautiful dreams i cant get enough of :)

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