Oct 9, 2008

You gotta love Company Spam

Not even your company is safe from Spam.

"Well, we've spent x thousand dollars on overhauling our security protocols to meet with the demands of an ever more dangerous world."

Yeah, yeah, so tell me why I got this in my mail.

BTW, I could do an extensive analysis on this picture, what they were trying to communicate etc, but the reminder of all the people that say you'll go blind if you jack off is too much to ignore.

Comments are always welcome though. What do you think the woman would be saying to the nearsighted herbal cock enhancer?


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I can come up with a funny caption. But the art director that designed that ad should be shot in the dick. Nice headline, Einstein. What's that supposed to say?

100% Safe To With No Take Side Effects?

Jillian said...

I like how the large copy "No Take" is actually the designer's subconscious comming into play. Who the hell would want to take this shit?!

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