Oct 9, 2008

Unhappy Yom Kippur day

if you haven't noticed, if you scan enough countries, religions, and ethnicities, you will find that every day has some type of celebration. For Jewish people, today is the day of repentance. Activities for the day include, fasting, praying, atonement and repentance, which brings me to why I write this post apart from the random fact that I found out it was Yom Kippur thanks to my calendar and decided to look it up.

Regarding atonement and repentance, the process should go like this:

• confessing the sin;
• if the sin was committed against another person, asking that person's forgiveness;
• ceasing to commit the sin;
• regretting the sin;
• firmly resolving never to repeat the sin.

So pretty much is an official "I'm sorry, please forgive me day" in layman's terms though I'm sure it's endlessly more spiritual for devoted Jews. But it got me to thinking, just how many things do we really want to say sorry for and after about 3 minutes you should at least have something, especially if you work in advertising.

Here are ten things I'm sorry for lately. I'm genuinely sorry, I apologize and even though I'm not Jewish, I would like to atone for my sins. So in no particular order.

• Sorry to my family for all the nights I've worked late, all the activities I've had to cut short and for the fact that for however much I'm trying, work is coming between me and those I love.

• To Mrs. Joker. I'm sorry I'm making you worry so much for me. I hate any distress to come to you but I thank you for being with me every inch of the way. You soothe, cheer and complete me.

• To my body. I'm sorry you're feeling like shit but I'm working on getting us out of this new rathole. Without you, I'm just a soul, but together, we make a pretty decent person. This weekend should be good for us as well as the vacations at the end of October, but don't think I'm not looking out for us.

• To my godson and other nephew, I know I suck and that a kick ass gift doesn't make up for not being with you. We'll be hanging out soon watching Diego for however long you want to. I love you more than is obvious but I'm planning to show you more often.

• To my bodyboard. I haven't used you in a while, but this weekend you'll get some saltwater goodness no matter how far I have to drive.

• To my dogs... Belly scratches are on me. I miss watching you do the one legged bicycle and look me with them big ole brown eyes.

• To all the people from other blogs I love reading so much. I'll catch up soon. Work just got in between me and the more important things in life like reading the random things y'all come up with.

• To anyone who enjoys reading any post I write. You have no idea what every email and comment means to me and how it helps to see people who relate to my vents.

• To my mom. I also don't enjoy making you worry but I'm working on it. Give thanks I have Mrs. Joker to pull me through the poopy times.

• To the people I should be in closer contact with, I'll be calling soon. I know I suck.

• To any Jewish person that might find this post offensive. It is not my intention at all to even remotely seem as if I'm making fun of your celebration. The title of the post is basically a reference to the info on wikipedia stating that today is the final and most solemn day of your celebration.

Now I have to work on not repeating my sins and that starts with either a new outlook and attitude regarding work, or a new job. Whichever comes first. How bout you though? Post anonymously and say what you're sorry for. The only rule is that you have to mean it.

Cheers, I mean Mazel tov.


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