Dec 9, 2008

Five songs that define: Me

Time to return to the Five Things that Define Me, this time, yup, songs. Again, the same deal, not the five songs that you love the most - that would be impossible - just five songs that when you hear them, you go... yes, that's me. I mean you, not Me. Not me Me. Um... You get the point. Come on people, get cracking on your own and post them. If not... I'll think you're a pussy or something...

Here are my five songs, in no particular order:

1) The Beatles: Blackbird
There is something about just a guitar and someone making the beat that reminds me of when I was a little girl. My mom, being the most awesome woman that has walked the Earth, used to play the guitar for me when I was a baby. She sang like an angel and played like one as well. I remember it vividly, no matter how young I was. It's very funny how we sometimes cannot remember anything from our childhood... but this image is burned in my brain. The ironic thing about it? My mom used to play so that I could fall asleep. Instead, I used to say "One more, mommy". She obliged until she could not play anymore and told me to just fall asleep. I think I remember my mom because this song is so tender and beautiful... like my mom is for me.

2) The Cure: Why can't I be you
In the eighties, people used to listen to Bon Jovi, Madonna or Cindy Lauper. Being one weird kid in high school, I turned for anything under the radar, sort of speak. I avoided the norm as much as I could. And there it was. Robert Smith, an extremely weird looking dude - at that time undone hair and red lipstick was a bit "what the fuck" - singing what seemed to be one of the most weirdest songs ever. Dressed always in black - or in a bear suit, you gotta love the man - this cat connected with me like no other band did. Everytime I play The Cure, I just remember being different and enjoying myself, I remember my old time friends, my high school... It just takes me back. Kind of nice that a song has that power, to make you remember stuff.

3) Fleetwood Mac: Landslide
All of us have down moments. We sometimes feel miserable, for little things or huge situations. Though I am glad to report that I live a great life, like any other human being I sometimes get down. Could be hormones, could be whatever. I just know that every single time I play that song, I usually do it when I am down. The thing is, no one has never defined what this song really means. It is like a mystery. Stevie Nicks has never fully given a real reason why she wrote it. The story varies from time to time. For me, it just means wasting time. Maybe I waste time being sad, maybe I waste time thinking and rationalizing things. I really cannot give you a good reason why it means that much. I just listen and get better. Why? You cannot let the Landslide bring you down.

4) I got you under my skin: Frank Sinatra
Um. This one is extremely personal, but all I can say is that my baby dedicated this song to me at one time in my life - can't tell when, you know how it is, curiosity killed the cat. It got to me, because at that time - and still - it defined everything for both of us. A very "interesting" relationship, I can just say that. Hehehe. From time to time we play it and we find ourselves dancing cheek to cheek wherever we are, just the two of us. He always says: this will always be our song. I kind of like the fact that it's Frankie's...

5) No Doubt: A simple kind of life
You can't go forward if you cannot learn from your mistakes. Even though I don't particularly love No Doubt and not care one bit for the Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani, I got to give it to her: this song is fucking awesome. It reminds us women that time is ticking away and you cannot lose focus. There are great opportunities that we can miss or worst, we can change our minds if we let time go by. Come on, if you are a woman you'll get the point. Biological clock ticking... ticking...

So there they are. I just hope that you do the personal math and join in the fun. With love, Me.


Jeff said...

My 5-

Thin Lizzy: The Cowboy Song
It's my wife and my song. Has been ever since we were dating and I played it on the jukebox in an awesome dive bar we hung out in.

Cheap Trick: I want You To Want Me
First band I ever saw in concert. And this song is one that can still let me relive my days of being in bands, when I still had dreams of being a rock star. It is my karaoke staple, and not long ago a cover band started playing it in a bar, and I ended up on stage taking over for their singer, and got myself $40 from my friends who didn't think I would do it.

Bad Brains: I Against I
I can't hear this song and not be transported back to the late 80s, when days were filled with skating the half pipe and the evenings were filled with skating and searching for girls. Then on Sunday night gathering at a house to watch 120 minutes on MTV hoping for a few good punk rock videos. And being thrilled when they would play this one by Bad Brains.

Gonna Fly Now: Bill Conti
How can anyone hear the theme from Rocky and not feel like they can achieve anything? I know I can't.

The Who: 5:15
This song makes me feel free. I hear it in my head anytime I get on my scooter. And in my head I am on my scooter anytime I hear this song.

Lucila said...

Here are the 5 songs that define me and give me goosebumps.

Don't dream is Over - Crowded House
It was brought to my attention that a part of this song sounds like they are calling my name. Of course it doesn't say my name but that guitar at the beginning gives me a mix of melancholy and giddiness. No great meaning behind it just memories of a confused teenager hidden in her room.

Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan
Oh! How many times have I ever been in front of a loved one and that person is looking for love in all the wrong places. Believe it or not this song was part of a final test in one of my classes back in college. I had to answer who wrote and sang this song. My mind went blank, I freaked out and returned the test with only that question unanswered. As soon as I got out of the class room I yelled "BOB DYLANNNN, damn it!!!!!!" It always applies to someone in my life.

Human Nature - Madonna
Being raised with the notion of "what would people think?". This song was for me. I don't give a fuck what you think of me, I am what I am. Do I make you uncomfortable? Deal with it. I'm just expressing myself.

The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
Falling in love and trying to be someone you are not because you think it with hold the pieces. That's a cheap glue. I did found myself and saw myself for the first time in many years. Thus the next song...

Feeling Good - Nina Simone
This is a new song for me. Yep is way older than me but I discovered the other day. After living a series of events that left my world shaking and upside down, I took charge. Life is too short and other will try to make you as miserable as they are. When I listen to this song it reminds me that everyday is a gift and I have many reasons to smile.whemate

Unknown said...

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