Jan 2, 2009

Best wishes from WAS

It's a new year people. New challenges, new resolutions, new adventures, new experiences, new everything. It's not to look past '08. Trust me, I learned a hell of a lot about life thanks to two job changes and all the heartache that came with them. I learned that there can be a job that satisfies me and I'm just scratching the surface of what I'm doing. I learned that advertising sucks differently from place to place but that more often than not, it does in all honesty suck. I learned that hard work is not enough. I learned that deadlines cramp style and enjoyment of experiences. I learned that good friends can be made through anywhere, including a blog. I learned that money doesn't make the world go round, but that it sure greases it up nicely for smoother movements. I learned that my love for writing is even greater than I once thought and that though I enjoy my dayjob, I wouldn't mind that being my dayjob, something I'll be working on during the year.

A few things I'd like to note though. There is still no sign of Jetpacks or flying cars, fucking McFly me silly. The US is able to elect a person of color. A lot of great actors/performers died this year (I think it's that way every year but we always seem to say the same thing at the beginning of every year in retrospect). The economy is still in the shitter and that patience, hard work, and good decisions shall be the framework for success or the missing elements if we stay in the shitter. There is a movement to make things greener and it needs a stronger push from each and every person so we can capitalize on the fad nature of being a tree hugger and see if we can't clean up after ourselves for once.

Apart from those notes, there are probably thousands more but I have a whole year to write about random shit so I better not shoot my whole load just yet :D.

As for anyone who has read this past year, thanks for making this blog ten times more fun to write with your reactions, your emails, your participation and your mere presence everytime that counter clicks an extra digit. I know we've said thanks a bunch of times and I also know that this isn't the biggest blog in the world. But it's ours, we love it and to see anyone give a damn is reason enough to feel good. So thanks again even if it's getting on the repetitive side. I promise none of this will happen until next Thanksgiving. For now though, my thanks and we hope you keep enjoying our crazy shit.



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