Feb 2, 2009

Five Villains that Define: Me.

Once every blue moon, something dark arises from the best of us. Think about it. It might be a douchebag that does a terrible thing to us... maybe a client called in and brought out the monster within. Hey, we're human, we're not perfect. We have good traits and really crappy ones. The fact that we acknowledge them is, in my book, golden. So that left me thinking... who are the five villains out there that I go "Bingo!" everytime I see them? Let's find out.

1) Hannibal Lecter
Equal parts of intelligent and truly demented. This is THE MAN. Think about it. He loves to dress perfectly. His demeanor is of a true gentleman. He likes good wine and excellent food. Oh, he's a great chef! What's not to love?

2) Quentin Tarantino's Bill
You don't mess with him, ever. If you are in the family, then take it to your grave, literally. Cross him and he will fuck you up, hard core. Besides, I love his voice. So calm and collected, even when he's planning to cut you in little pieces... Epic.

3) Kaiser Soze
Talk about a great mind fuck. Kaiser will make your brain melt if you let him. What I love about him is that he trusts almost no one, a rule of thumb in my book. Oh and if you mess with him, every single person you know is getting ripped a new one.

4) Khan Noonien Singh
I can only say one thing: Revenge is a dish best served cold. Khan just freezes it like no one else. Period.

5) Satan
He's just a funny cat. How in the world just one being can cause so much fear? Just say the name in some parts of the world and you will howl at the reaction. I honestly don't think he ever existed, I just believe that we all are capable of the worst. But, you have to agree with this theory: if we ever die and have the bad deal of going to hell, there's going to be a lot of cool people there...

So there you go. Try to embrace your evil side and join in the fun. Trust me, it's a hard thing to do...


Joker said...

hmmm... makes me think twice so I don't repeat Dr. Lecter, lets see what I can come up with. :D

Me said...

We can share the doc... he likes it... No worries... LOL.

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