Feb 4, 2009

You want something worthy of a flagging?

So it seems recently someone found something interesting on this site worthy of a flag. For those who don't know, getting flagged means someone basically reported you some place because the content of your blog and or website is not deemed appropriate by someone with a weak stomach, intolerance to fucked up ideas or a low threshold for creative uses for the words fuck, cunt, dick, cock, cum, jizz, asshole, cornhole, siberian donkey taint licking and or snatch buffet.

That being established, I can't say I'm surprised we've been flagged but only that it took this fucking long for someone to whine about what we write about. Consider this the unfriendly net neighborhood watch who insist on telling other people that it's a boo boo to read ridiculous rants from people who are in dire need of venting and rather than fisting the first dumb ass to truly say something offensive, we just log onto this here little blog and write our woes away.

Content on this site has always been fucked up. From the get go. I'm telling you that there have been comparisons with shit, piss, vomit, semen, menstrual flux and any other bodily discharge your average male or female can produce. But finally... FINALLY someone took notice that maybe we're a bit too fucked up in the head for our own good. So to the person who flagged us and has made following this blog's progress on technorati something of a super fucking chore, here's to you.

Thank you for representing what is weakest in us. For not having a sense of humor. For possibly finding offense in the term Trixie Dimple Tits as coined by moi. Thanks for showing what the weakest link in the humor chain is all about. Thank you for not being able to change the channel and for feeling the moral imperative of informing your prude peers about the maladies parading in this little blog of scorn. Or was it a vengeful company CEO, or CD that got wind of what is being written here? Is it possible one of the hateful scumbags that have taken years from my life through incompetence and slave trade sensibilities has actually stumbled upon this blog and seen himself reflected in the words we spew forth.

Has a mighty Valhalla man poked a peon's blog in the eye? Well if so I suggest you smell that finger, because the only eye you poked was my lovely brown eye, and I'm sorry to say, today I jogged. So enjoy the musky felch worthy boucquet on your finger.

Or wait, did some Republican read and see that we're openly liberal or democratic? Say it ain't so my cute white elephant. For a second I thought I was on the right trek to finding honest Republicans that believe in the system and want the best for this country without having to resort to barbarically ancient conservative ways.

Or maybe it was homeland security that saw we'd be writing about el Che, and actually not agreeing with his movie portrayals or real life exploits.

But when I think of it. The odds of something that interesting or worthwhile being the reason why some douche bag wants to indirectly censor us, it just becomes obvious that some yuppy dildo or dildette probably had nothing better to do after watching and believing anything Fox news has to say about the world and decided to be a little bitch and digitally bitch at big brother.

So whoever did the flagging, applause to you, for being exactly the type of person I abhore, resent and hope you get an ingrown hair in your crotch.

And to all those who enjoy our sctalogical fuckterpieces

Cheers my brethren


Me said...

I just came home from a brutal day at the office. When I read "siberian donkey taint licking"... the pain just went away. I'm just that kind of gal.

Thank you for this.

May we get flagged again and again...

Anonymous said...

I thought cynicism and foul language were just part of the business. I think you're fabulously funny.

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