Jun 17, 2009

If you’re so smart, why are you still here?

Dear Overeducated Office Drone:

You went to all the privileged schools. Even you pre-pre-school was off the charts. You have two Bachelor’s degrees, a Masters, and even did a few years working on your PhD, which you had to put on hold because you were offered a dream job because you are so brilliant.

Your career has been nothing but stellar… or so you say. Your first job was as Associate VP and it just went up from there. You’ve been an Executive Director, a Senior VP, a Senior Manager, and a General Manager. Hell, you’ve even been Creative Director and Senior Advisor to some of the Most Important People in the World and have traveled the globe on more than one occasion because of your commanding professional expertise.

So then, my question to you is: Why the hell are you down here now with me, in the throes of middle management, taking orders from shitball clients, playing the game, stuck in the rat race, doing the 9 to 5 thing? How is it that we are equals when I have not one fraction of the “credentials” you’ve got? What went wrong? Is this the best you can do? If not, then shut the hell up and keep your nose in the cubicle!


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