Sep 4, 2009

Divine 69 - Part 4 of 7 #'s 39 to 30

Part 4 of 7 of the fictitious women in my life that have left a mark. Here with have the thrilling thirties of this list. Let's see if guys agree with me.

Entering at the top of the 30's list, we have....

39. Sophitia Alexandra - Soul Calibur Series

As tender in personality as she is in her chest, Sophitia represented righteous beauty in all its incarnations. Add to this that she was fun to play with, no puns meant but obviously there for the taking, and the fact that she had flowing white wisps of nothing covering her up, and it's no surprise she made the list. That she's able to slice and pummel you while looking more adorable than the kitty from Shrek 2 just adds to her charm.

38. Keira - Jak And Daxter Series

This gal is Gadget 2.0. Smarter, funnier, sweeter, hotter and builds things that are endlessly more effective than anything the Rescue Rangers were able to hurtle into battle, Keira shows that suspenders and a tight tank top, coupled with beautiful eyes and elven tipped ears are definitely something to get any of our attention. That Jak was to busy being Jak to notice this drop dead beauty staring him straight in the eye brings echoes of Booth from Teen Wolf and all the hotties in every game or movie that have had to deal with clueless men in their lives.

37. Sonya Blade - Mortal Kombat Series

To trump Kitana in the Mortal Kombat Universe is no easy feat, but to be able to cause you to burn and crumble in a pile of ashes by just blowing a kiss from a distance shows that Sonya was deadly beautiful. All incarnations and all outfits have prompted generations of young guys to wish upon on a shooting star to get scissor suplexed by this beauty. That she's also capable of uppercutting you to a prescreened bloody end apparently makes her even sexier.

36. Sorceress of Castle grayskull - He-man

A bird suit cannot take away from the magic of them hips. Add to this that she wore those close to knee high boots and was all wise and you couldn't help but want to be the tainting energy to corrupt the essence of Grayskull. While Adam was frollicking in his fur undies while stroking off cringer, I was too busy watching Sorceress and recognizing that in the pecking order of Grayskull, she came ahead of Tee-la, but hey that's just my opinion.... which leads me to....

35. Evil-Lyn - He-man

Sorry Sorceress, but you got trumped. There's just something about evil brunettes with a panache for doing dastardly deeds that couldn't help but apparently turn me on as a child. She was cold, mischievous and definitely enjoyed some skull and boning at the hands of skeletor. If that doesn't demonstrate that this mean bitch was a vixen in bed, I don't think anything will.

34. Morrigan - Darkstalkers series

Definition of succubus: a demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep. Seriously people, where do I sign up. Morrigan was one of those characters that TRULY whipped my Elvira lovin libido into high gear. That her breast were always dangerously close to making a creamy cameo appearance definitely added to the entire allure of this beauty. And the wings on her head? Seriously, you think a guy in lust mode couldn't mind at least 3 uses for those?

33. Poison Ivy - Detective Comics

No other woman in entertainment can make you care less if you got a rash after being with her. That she could kill you is bad enough. That she could give you poison oak on your balls is worse. That you could care less just as long as you got into her thorn bush, well that just shows how fucked up men can be in the head. I don't think Caladryl as a lube is a good idea, but if push comes to shove... well I'm sure there's a few people that wouldn't mind it.

32. Wonder Woman

Amazon goddess. That is the base description of Wonder Woman. That she could tie you up in her lasso of truth and you'd be forced to confess all the things you'd like to do unto her, well that's scary and sexy at the same time. That you could be the most unique mile high club member if you happened to tag her in her invisible plane, well that's just proof that we men are childish in our exhibitionism. A true honor to brunettes the world over, the only downfall is that following up super man HAS to be a letdown. Oh well.

31. Black Cat - Spider Man

Ripped off from Batman's catwoman? You can bet your ass she was since the other came nearly forty years after. But that does not take away one iota of hotness from this powerless cat burglar that has inspired thousands of young guys to spunk their webbing while chanting her name. With moves to put Catherine Zeta Jones to shame, Black Cat shows that though I'm not a fan of cats in real life, women with feline sensitivities cannot be ignored.

30. Lois Griffin - Family Guy

Oh Lois. How we love thee. How hot is Mrs. Griffin? Simple. That we'd look past the fact that she bones Peter is reason enough to demonstrate why this Milf caps off the #30 spot on this list. She's sweet, sassy, and who can blame Quagmire for his never ending giggedyness every time he sees her. No wonder Brian wanted to hump much more than her leg.
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