Jan 10, 2010

In London, I stumbled on to Avenue Q...

The greatest thing about my relationship with my boyfriend is... when we travel, there are no plans. It's all very organic. We let the day tell us what it wants from us. We never make a schedule. We never put hours on our days. We walk. That's the extent of our days. We let the place do the work.

So one cold night, we were walking the theater district at London and suddenly we took a turn. Avenue Q signs, all over. Honey, I heard from a friend that this play is cool, I said. Wanna go? Sure, he said.

Ladies and gents... If you happen to catch this play... GO SEE IT!

It's currently playing at NYC, London and Australia. Go see it. Trust me, you will laugh your ass off.

Not that convinced? Let me leave you with one of my favorites, from the Broadway cast. "The internet is for porn"


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