Feb 27, 2010

Ask Joker #2

You ask.

I answer.


Me asked: Have you ever packed up your things and almost left your job one day? What stopped you?

I've never gotten to the point of physically packing my things, but I have been on the verge of quitting on the spot twice in my life.

The first time the thought of not having a source of income while I'm helping support mom was the only thing that kept me from hurtling a stapler to the head of an ex boss. There can be tention on the job but once you begin disrespecting each other, nothing is the same. I'm happy to report I resigned two weeks later for a higher paying job.

The second time I didn't quit out of pride. At that very moment I didn't want to give that asshole the satisfaction of quitting because I couldn't deal with their mood swings, drama and overall inefficiency. This time it took longer, but I quit for a job that pays the same but has offered me a year and three months of professional satisfaction I didn't know could exist.


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