Sep 6, 2010

Before clicking send, read your emails

That I insist on giving some people the benefit of the doubt that they actually have a brain should be reason enough to slap myself. I should approach every single person I have to deal with on a daily basis as if they’re purposely trying to fuck up my day because often times, that’s what seems to be the case, and that’s JUST what they do.

Email after email of inane responses that prove my point that people don’t read what I send them and much less what they send. Rude 15 word replies, everyone commenting and not one single constructive recommendation and inflated egos having a blast at your expense. Ah the beauty of corporate warfare.

“We’re a big corporate family.”

Oh right, so that’s why you send me to do your chores and then run to the proverbial mommy to show how good you are. Fucking AGH!

If I had a nickel for every time I got a douche email, I’d melt all of it and pour it over the slosh pieces of shit that dare call themselves coworkers.

A real coworker plays for the team. The caliber of cunt droppings I’ve had the delight to work with are always focused on their own agenda, which often includes sounding like Napoleon Bonaparte and expressing themselves like Napoleon Dynamite.

But let us read that wonderful title again. Now if you’re like me, you wish upon a bright red burning star for people to actually read what they send. But they don’t. Most people don’t because they’re so busy that they do a bit of everything, which ends up translating into a whole lot of nothing. But still the emails keep rolling and you find yourself surrounded or beneath a bunch of people who mostly reply to emails all day long.

It’s sad to see that a sign of the times is the inefficiency of people in their personal and professional communications. Messages get truncated and our sense of self gets diluted beyond recognition. 8 word emails that contain directives, chastisements, reprisals and a prewritten Thank you next to the signature. That’s what I receive. People with their head so far up their corporate worshipping asses that of course they’ve lost the notion of reality beyond the comfort of their cubicle.

I simply look at what lies beyond the vacuum sealed window and I dream… and dreams are a powerful thing when you listen, pay attention and obey.



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