Nov 17, 2010

Five Warning signs that I'm Getting Old: Me Edition

Yesterday it was a non important day. We all went to work, we did the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner. And Apple decided to include The Beatles in their iTunes store. While I strongly believe that if you already don't have them in your iPod BEFORE they placed their discography you might need some sort of medication or therapy... I've just noticed that not everybody knows the Beatles.

Shit. I'm getting old.

Those are the little things that bug me. While I embrace with happiness the fact that I am getting old, that I'm finally an adult (although sometimes I still feel like a 20 year old), and that my life is turning a new leaf completely... then there are the little things that take my breath away. Time has passed by. And why not go into the gory details and sort the other four things that really make me feel less like a young kid? Let's dive right in there. So here we go, the five things that remind me of finally being an adult...

1) People not knowing who are The Beatles.
Yes, we covered this above, but still, this shit gets to me. Why are kids out there who know annoying Lady Gaga but can't mention just one Beatles song? This is signs of mankind turning for the worse. Parents out there! You GOTTA teach kids the basic: Don't drink and drive, study and get good grades - and The Beatles are THE single best band in the whole entire universe. Period.

2) Looking at my iPod, iPad or Mac and remembering that I lived at some point in my life with Cassette Tapes and LP's, Books made out of paper only and my typewriter.
Ok so I do buy old fashioned books still. That is one thing I cannot make myself change. I must turn the page, I must be able to fold the paper where I left off reading. But I sometimes remember me yelling at 2am in the morning while I was in High school, needed to turn in a stupid essay and make a typo. Back then, a typo in your typewriter meant to start all over again. Remember that? Oh and while I enjoyed going to the CD store, I have this theory when it comes to music: they already have most of my money. I will get music down from the internet, most of all if the artist is shit famous and rich. I only buy CD's from people I truly respect and/or independent or not so well known artists.

3) Missing the past.
Facebook is shit. Now I know everything about everyone. I need to close that account. Not having past friends, those that you used to wonder where they were and what they are doing - just sucks. People have to have a past, so we can have a future. And like Jimmy Kimmel says during his National UnFriend Day (look it up), you can't have 300 friends. I have 5 friends. Five really amazing and dear good friends. The rest are acquaintances.

4) Idiotic Fashion.
Sometimes I look at kids and all I want is for their parents to give them a lesson or two on dressing. I mean... come on. Put your pants on correctly, for God's sake! Take that stupid hat and put it forward! Don't dress like a complete slut when you are going out! Damn, I remember being young, I remember wearing all black (it RULED), I remember my blue-black hair and my dark makeup... But you gotta give it to me, kids are dressing even more moronic than we did. I sometimes look at some of the kids from Jersey Shore and cringe.

5) This is the most painful one: I now watch CNN and read the news instead of watching MTV and VH1.
Man this gets to me. More so, my mother saw me wondering if I missed Anderson Cooper and had a huge laugh. Yeah, now I care about what's going on, notice the stocks (who would have thought of me actually doing that?), read news analysis... I actually TiVo programs like Nightline. Lord. The times of Beavis and Butthead have come and gone.

There you go. Well, if I needed to add one is the fact that I no longer want to hang out until 5am in the morning and less in a bar - I would prefer to go have a nice BBQ with friends on a Sunday afternoon, talk about stupid stuff while the kids play.

Oh lord. I need a drink.

What about you? What are your signs? (PS: that's a clue for you to write. Joker and I are starting to think that only our moms read our blog. We need signs of some sort of homo sapiens response, people)


RestrictionsApply said...

- Back then, my wallet was packed with phone numbers for potential booty calls. Today its all about prescriptions to be filled and reminders for doctors appointments.

- People in my office do not know what a 45 is.

- There are "oldie" radio stations that play all my favorite music.

- Some people in my office address me in the formal manner: Sir, Mister, etc.

- I cancelled my subscription to Maxim, Stuff, and the like YEARS ago.

- If I'm not in bed by 11:00, at the latest, the following day will be painful.

- Life is better.

Me said...

We can go on and on...

- Back then, staying at home on a Friday night was unheard of. (Jesus I really stretched that one, I just stopped recently with that one).

- Face creams and dermatologist appointments are FUN.

- Getting drunk was no issue. (I cringe at when I do get drunk now, because the pain lasts forever instead of just hours)

Joker said...

My signs in no particular order:

- Kids I saw born are graduating from college.

- I can't to my classic amusement ride gauntlet and need to drink water and take a break.

- Some of my favorite bands have had their hits morphed into elevator music and play at Sears or some Fast Food restaurant.

- I see toys coming out that were EXACTLY what I used but with another name... and or a lot lamer.

- Friends of mine are actually becoming grandparents. (young ones, but still).

- All the messages I used to receive from the guy who sent funny forwards are either Jesus related or have baby pics.

- Some of my favorite movies are getting their 20th, 25th, or 30th anniversary edition release.

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